Debra Blazzard – South Summit District 5 |

Debra Blazzard – South Summit District 5

Debra Blazzard

South Summit District 5, Debra Blazzard

What are your qualifications and why are you running?

I have four kids in the school district, at least one in each school, and will for the next six years. I have been on the elementary Site Council. My work background has been in the bookkeeping industry for over 10 years, so I feel I have good business sense. Most important, I have been a mom for 17 years. Any parent knows how many different roles there are in trying to raise your kids to be decent, honest and hardworking. And it doesn’t stop there. The school and community have a big impact on our children. I know and love the kids in this community and want to see them achieve and accomplish whatever they set their minds to. It is crucial that our kids, their friends and the community succeed, and I want to help create opportunities to make this possible.

What is your top priority and what changes would you like to help implement? Please be specific in your answer.

My top priority is giving opportunities to our kids that are not offered here presently, both academically and socially. Also, I would like to help the kids learn how to treat themselves and each other with respect. I would like to have a wider variety of classes offered. The dual immersion class needs to be continued through middle school, at the very least. I want students to experience and have some understanding of real life situations before they leave high school so they are not caught off guard. I want them to be able to handle difficult situations that come their way. We need to give them the education and tools to be responsible for themselves, be a contributing member of society and show compassion towards others.

In light of the shift in population around the districts borders, what are your views on potentially changing the district boundaries?

Honesty, I am not sure where the borders would be changed. This is something I would have to investigate and decide, with the other board members, whether it would be beneficial to our district, the kids and the community. The education of our children needs to be the top priority, not other political agenda.

What is your long-term vision for the district? Please be specific in you answer, addressing areas such as growth, curriculum and district performance.

Growth is going to happen whether we want it to or not. We need to be prepared to handle the growth that is coming to our district. We need to have the programs and staff equipped to handle it. The curriculum is always going to be changing. The world is changing at an ever increasing rate, and we need to do our best to keep up and make sure our kids are prepared for a competitive world. The district needs to always be looking for ways to support and improve upon what resources we already have. Also implementing new and innovative ways to make sure our district has the technology, staff and resources that are needed to succeed.

With limited financial resources, how can the district improve the education it offers students?

The education we offer our students should be top notch. The teachers obviously play a big role in this. Teaching is an important job and educators do the best they can with what resources they have. I know the financial ability to persuade teachers to do their job better is not always there. But I think teachers that have students excelling in their classrooms should be rewarded in some way. If there is some kind of incentive for the teachers to present cutting-edge material and engage the kids more, then everyone would benefit. We need to raise the bar. Our kids are our future. They should be our greatest investment.

How does your platform differ from that of your opponent?

I think my opponent and I have the same views on a lot of issues. One difference is I have a child in each of the schools in the district and would like to be involved and help make a difference that will benefit everyone.

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