Debra Drecksel returns to her roots |

Debra Drecksel returns to her roots

Alisha Self, Of the Record staff

Longtime Parkite Dolly Makoff hosted the rehearsal dinner for Debra Drecksel preceding her 1995 nuptials at Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley. Little did she know that 15 years later, Drecksel would be signing her novel in the store she founded.

Drecksel, who lives outside Phoenix, Ariz, grew up in Salt Lake City and received bachelor’s, master’s and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Utah. She has worked as an attorney, Judge Pro Tempore and collaborative facilitator and trainer for communities, businesses and government. With her most recent accomplishment, she has added author to her resume.

She published her first novel, "Hidden Dimensions," last October. On Saturday, Sept. 4, she’ll stop by Dolly’s Bookstore from 2 to 4 p.m. for an author reading and signing accompanied by samples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Making the jump from lawyer and mediator to novelist was somewhat unintentional, Drecksel says. The book, an adventure love story about a young woman who deviates from her instinctive path to search for the true nature of reality, actually started with jotting down streams of consciousness in her journal.

Drecksel soon realized that she could channel aspects of her work in communications into a story. "I found that I wanted to take [my work] one step further and put some of the same human elements into a fictional form that would be entertaining and fun and allow for more symbolic expression," she explains.

"Hidden Dimensions" is not her story, but it does incorporate facets of her life. "I think everyone who writes fiction bases it on a combination of their own experiences, movies they’ve seen, books they’ve read, people they know and stories they’ve heard, but it’s not a memoir," she says.

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The parts that most closely mirror Drecksel’s personal experiences are the main character’s travels throughout the western United States. The story is set in Utah in the mid-70s and scenes take place around the state, including at Park City Mountain Resort and Main Street’s Eating Establishment.

"I’ve skied in Park City a lot over the years so it was fun to put that into the book," she says.

Drecksel’s event at Dolly’s will consist of reading passages followed by discussions about relationships, human nature and other topics. One interesting aspect of the book is its incorporation of quantum physics and string theory.

"It’s fun and entertaining, but it also has deeper ties to science and things that are real," she says. "People talk a lot about quantum physics and yet no one talks about what it would look like in our everyday lives. A fun part of writing the novel was showing how it looks in the life of a young woman."

Drecksel does not consider herself an expert in scientific theories but she immersed herself in research in order to develop technical parts of the story. "I just did a ton of reading because it fascinated me so much," she says. She sent excerpts from the book to a physicist to check for accuracy.

"Hidden Dimensions" is the first book in a series of four, Drecksel says. The sequel will go deeper into the main character’s story and also delve deeper into its scientific connections. She plans to start writing the second installment next month.

For now her mission is to share the story with a wide audience, meet interesting people and develop new concepts along the way. "My main goal is for this book and the rest of the series to connect with people in the magnetic way that I’ve connected with books throughout my life," she says.

In addition to her event in Park City, Drecksel will lead a communication workshop at The King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Sept. 2, entitled "Getting Your Needs Met in Relationships." She is also scheduled to speak to students at the University of Utah about can be done with a degree in communications.

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