Deer Valley Resort to announce entrance into property management business |

Deer Valley Resort to announce entrance into property management business


Deer Valley Resort will announce Friday morning that it is entering the property-management business.

Bob Wheaton, president and general manager, said his company has been in constant communication with Deer Valley Lodging, an unaffiliated company owned by Premier Resorts International, and had hoped to be able to work through the situation it is in.

"As a result of those talks, we’ve decided the best-case scenario is for the resort to open a property management division," he said Thursday.

The business will be a fully integrated part of Deer Valley Resort.

When asked why the resort had never engaged in the lodging business in the past, he said, "Ever since we first licensed the name of Deer Valley Lodging to Premier Resorts of Utah, an outstanding job has been done, in service and staffing and everything else. Now, because of recent financial circumstances, we’ve decided now is the time we need to be in the business."

He said Deer Valley Resort would like to be in a position to ensure that the property-management effort at Deer Valley is done in the same fashion as the resort has operated in the past.

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Wheaton said that, in order for the resort to make this step correctly, it will take a substantial investment up front, and that the company is ready to do that.

He said they will be actively pursuing property-management contracts and will be hiring staff.

"This will be beneficial all the way around for property owners, for the resort and staff here, and for guests coming to Deer Valley for vacations," he said.

Although this will be a new endeavor for the resort, Deer Valley Resort has already been actively engaged in several aspects of property management: marketing rooms, booking vacations and acting as a wholesaler.

"Being in the property-management business gives us the opportunity to look end-to-end at a guest’s vacation experience here," Wheaton said.