Deer Valley skier falls into mining tunnel |

Deer Valley skier falls into mining tunnel

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A skier at Deer Valley Resort on Monday fell into a historic mine tunnel that somehow became exposed, a resort spokesperson said.

Erin Grady said the incident happened in what she describes as an "off-piste area" off the Lady Morgan Express lift. The skier was not on a designated run, but he was inside the resort’s boundaries, she said.

The person was not injured, she said. A friend helped him out of the tunnel. Grady was not immediately sure of the depth of the exposed part of the tunnel.

She speculates the melting snow during the recent warm weather played a role in the tunnel opening.

"It just made it perfect for it to open up and present itself," she said.

Deer Valley ski patrollers marked the site and blocked it off.

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She said the resort plans to contact state mining authorities.

Park City was founded as a silver-mining camp, and there are historic mine tunnels underneath parts of the city, including Deer Valley. Silver mining faded as the ski industry took hold in the 1960s.