Del Taco discussed at Kimball Junction |

Del Taco discussed at Kimball Junction

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission is reviewing a request to build a Del Taco restaurant and expand the Smith’s Food and Drug Center at 1725 Uinta Way. The development application also includes new retail establishments, banks and a gas station at Kimball Junction.

Developers hope to extend the existing Sagewood Drive north to Ute Boulevard where the new Del Taco would be built on the corner, across the street from Wells Fargo.

But Basin Planning Commission Chairwoman Kathy Kinsman said she is concerned about the restaurant’s proposed location.

"What I take most notable exception to is the placement of a Del Taco right on the corner. I’m just concerned about that location for a fast-food drive-through, traffic wise and aesthetics wise," Kinsman said in a telephone interview. "They assured us that they would make the architecture work and it would not just be a cookie-cutter façade that they use in a lot of other places."

The new restaurant would be about 2,800 square feet and hire roughly 60 employees, according to Del Taco officials.

"I know there was a lot of controversy about having the McDonald’s right there," Kinsman said. "If they really want to have the fast-food drive-through, I think there is a different place on that master plan that it could work."

Members of the Planning Commission had their first look at the development application at a meeting at the Sheldon Richins Building June 8. Smith’s has proposed expanding the existing grocery store by about 6,000 square feet and adding a fuel center in an existing parking lot.

"But there wasn’t strong support for the idea of a gas station there," Kinsman said.

Providing fuel has become a "standard of operations" in the grocery industry, according to a report from the developer.

The fuel center proposed east of the existing grocery store would provide discounts of 5 to 15 cents per gallon, according to Smith’s officials.

Redeveloping the area could make it safer for pedestrians, Kinsman said.

"One big goal of the [Planning Commission] was clearly walkability and making it much more pedestrian friendly," she said. "The kids are walking in the street."

But allowing several new businesses with drive-through service may not achieve that goal, Kinsman said.

"The traffic is a big issue," she said.

There will likely be other work sessions before the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission conducts a public hearing to discuss the project.

"The area could use redevelopment. It is not a very attractive shopping area," Kinsman said. "We definitely think it needs to happen, but they’ve got a lot of work to do They just need to regroup and come back again."

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