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Design your own ManCave office


Developers Jack Koson and Matt Mullin don’t like the idea of having to choose between office space or storage space or warehouse space. It’d be nice to do whatever they want.

That prompted them to create ManCaves whole-ownership storage spaces.

Subject to approval from Summit County, Koson and Mullin would like to build 39 storage units on Bitner Road for anything the owners want to use them for.

Mullin and Koson will locate their development offices in theirs, alongside the cars and motorcycles they like to tinker with. In other states they’ve seen similar projects where people build batting cages and golf simulators in their offices.

Koson believes their units would be perfect for small businessmen like plumbers who could own their space and control their overhead expenses.

The 11 units closest Bitner could be used for retail operations each unit getting their own sign and customer parking. A professional artist has already expressed interest because they could have a gallery up front, and their workspace in the back.

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The units would be large enough to park RVs or even a semi truck.

The whole ownership aspect makes each unit cheaper than renting, Mullen said. Retailers, tradesmen or professionals could start to save money in less than a year and they would have complete control of the interior. The units are high enough to build a mezzanine and practically double their square footage, he said.

A clubhouse would have a kitchenette, shower, restrooms and a lounge allowing people to practically live in their man caves.

"This is something for which there is great need," Koson said.

"There are a ton of different things you could do," Mullin added.

Their experience as resort developers will allow them to guarantee the quality of the job, Koson said.

"We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to build a better mousetrap," he said.

"We anticipate some really cool stuff happening," Mullin added. "If you give people a small space, they’ll build a small sandbox. You give them a big space and no two ideas are the same."

Because the project is still subject to approval, nothing is platted yet and Koson and Mullin are only taking non-binding reservations.

"We’re not presuming anything but we’re very hopeful because this would be good for the county, good for the community and we’re meeting a need," Koson added.

"A lot of our reservation holders say they’ve been looking for something like this," Mullin added.

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