Director for Basin Recreation District sought |

Director for Basin Recreation District sought

Having watched over construction of an ice rink, a fitness center and many trails and parks in Snyderville, Basin Recreation administrator Bonnie Park is stepping down.

She was hired in the mid-1990s to manage the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District. Though, Park says she must now spend more time with her family.

But she won’t escape that easily, said Pinebrook resident Ron Perry, chairman of the Recreation District’s governing board.

"It is important to every member of the board to provide the opportunity for Park to stay with the district and continue administering the multiple projects she has since day one," Perry said. "Her institutional knowledge and focus on planning, interagency cooperation and communications is essential to the district’s continued success."

Park has been named Basin Recreation’s new special projects administrator, a position she says will "allow her to focus on things that [she] has focused on historically."

Under her watch, Basin Recreation has grown from an office in her home to an organization with a $2.4 million operating budget.

"It really got to be two jobs," Park said.

Basin Recreation officials are now searching for a director to oversee the "nuts and bolts operations," Park said, adding that she will report to the manager in her new full-time position.

Board members expect to hire a director by Aug. 1.

However, they struggled to decide whether creating Park’s new job was prudent, Perry said.

"One of my biggest concerns was, do we have it in our budget to put another employee on line," he said. "We went through a very thorough process."

In 2005, Chris Moffet, a human-resource consultant with Moffet Consulting, was asked to determine whether the new position was justified.

"It is not uncommon for a parks and recreation organization that has undergone a period of intense growth during a short period of time to want to evaluate how to move into the future," said Moffet, in a Basin Recreation press release.

District officials have a grand opening ceremony scheduled May 20 at the new Willow Creek Park in Silver Springs and business is booming at the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse, Park said.

"The board considers, from time to time, whether we should look toward another bond for a swimming pool. The fieldhouse people hear that on a daily basis," she said, adding that the facility at Kimball Junction could expand in the future.

In 1995, Basin Recreation received a boost from voters when they approved a $7.5 million bond to fund public facilities, Park said.

"We had nothing back then," she said, adding, "we needed more fields and playgrounds and the real basic community recreation facilities."

Parks have since been built in Trailside and Pinebrook and once isolated trail systems are beginning to link, Park said.

The fieldhouse was contemplated after voters in Snyderville approved a second bond for recreation in 2001.

According to Park, the funding provided $4 million for the fieldhouse and $2 million for an ice rink that opened recently at Quinn’s Junction.

"We know we’re not going to stop growing but at the same time we also know we have a lot that we need to operate now," she said.

The district’s master plan, capital-facilities plan and impact-fee ordinance were just updated and now is a good time for someone new to take over, Park added.

"I have just reached a point where we really need somebody to fulfill that supervisory role," she said, adding that she will continue to work with governmental agencies and lobby lawmakers on behalf of public recreation. "It’s all going in a very nice direction."

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