Donors who Live PC can Give PC |

Donors who Live PC can Give PC

Members of the Park City Community Foundation, Peace House, Park City Education Foundation and Silver Star Ski & Sport get excited about the annual Live PC Give PC fundraising event, which will take place Friday, Nov. 10, 2017. The group was accompanied by dogs Cosmo, from left, Eva, Scout, Rowley, Azalea and Tallulah. (Tanzi Propst/Park Record)
Tanzi Propst |

The more you give the more you live.

That is what people have found during the past seven years when they donate to the Live PC Give PC fundraiser.

The annual day of giving, which will run from midnight to 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 10, has become a seven-year tradition started by the Park City Community Foundation.

This year, donations will benefit more than 107 nonprofits that serve the greater Park City area, said Community Impact Director Ollie Wilder.

“In some situations we have umbrella organizations who will raise money for several nonprofits,” Wilder said during an interview with The Park Record.

Donating can be done online by visiting this website, and the funds will not only help make a difference in Summit County, they will also benefit Utah through advocacy efforts, educational programs, search and rescue efforts, arts, health care, animal welfare, environmental efforts and recreational programs, Wilder said.

“One of the core parts of the Park City Community Foundation’s mission is to support nonprofits and bring the community together around major themes,” he said. “Live PC Give PC allows us to do both. Nonprofits get supported by the money that comes in, but each new nonprofit that comes in brings new donors, who may also poke around on the website and see what other nonprofits out there may spark their interest. The more people who come to the table, the more all nonprofits benefit.”

Each year the amount of Live PC Give PC donations has grown.

“Two years ago, we raised $1.3 million for local nonprofits,” Wilder said. “Last year, we had a goal for $1.5 million and raised $1.7 million.”

This year, the goal is $1,999,999.

“We’ll see what happens if it ticks to that level and, hopefully beyond,” he said.

Throughout the day, The Park City Community Foundation will announce three power hours, a time when the next 200 donations will be boosted by an additional $20.

Wilder said it has been rewarding to see the community support Live PC Give PC.

“When we first started, many nonprofits didn’t know how to raise money online,” he said. “So we wanted to make sure every nonprofit had a way to raise money that way.

“And now, this is no longer an issue. So Live PC Give PC has now become more of a community rallying cry.”

Wilder also encourages donors to share their support through social media by tagging @ParkCityCF and using the #LivePCGivePC hashtag in the posts.

While many nonprofits will be out on the streets holding signs and hosting donation parties, the Park City Community Foundation will be headquartered at High West Distillery.

“If someone wants a T-shirt or a Live PC Give PC sign, if they want to donate, they can come visit us there,” Wilder said.

High West Distillery, located at 703 Park Ave., is also the place where the Live PC Give PC tally party will be from 7 p.m. to midnight. The event is open to ages 21 and older, and will include live music by the Lane Changers, a band comprised of members of the Changing Lanes Experience.

“If people haven’t given during the day, they can give during the party,” Wilder said. “We’ll watch the counter tick away at the screen and party like its 1999.”

During the party, the Park City Community Foundation, with the support of several sponsors, including Park City Mountain Resort and EpicPromise, Park City Hospital, SNOCRU, Andeavor Foundation and GBS Benefits, will offer leaderboard prizes to the nonprofits with the most donors.

“There is an All-Nonprofits Leaderboard, sponsored by Park City Mountain and EpicPromise,” Wilder said. “The first prize is $2,500. Second prize is $1,500 and third Prize is $1,000.”

There are five other leaderboard categories — Caring for Each Other, Energizing and Enlivening, Keep On Moving, Protecting Where We Play and Sparking Minds.

For those leaderboards, the first-place prize is $1,250. Second place is $750 and third place is $500.

“The leaderboard winners are based on a number of donors, not the amount of money the nonprofit has raised,” Wilder said. “And if someone wins one leaderboard, they won’t be eligible to win another.”

Also, the awards will be based on online donors.

“It’s possible for people to donate off line and give to the nonprofits directly,” Wilder said. “Those donations will count with our overall goal, but not to the leaderboard prizes.”

While its fun to engage in some friendly competition, the reality is everyone wins with Live PC Give PC, Wilder said.

“It brings people together,” he said. “There are many reasons why we live here, why we love it here, but this is a way we can all lock arms and do something together for a day.”

Park City Foundation’s Live PC Give PC will run from midnight to 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 10. For information or to donate, visit this website.

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