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Dynamic duo does windows

George Orwell wrote that good prose is like a window pane. Pasha Hughes and Diana Huling believe window treatments are like prose: they should be functional and beautiful, not interfering with the purpose of the window but enhancing it.

Hughes and Huling together are Wasatch Window Coverings and Design. Their office and showroom is in The Park City Concept Center at 1796 Prospector.

Hughes owns an interior design company as well and noticed how often designers and contractors refer window specialists because they don’t want the hassle.

For example, Pasha has a binder full of screen samples that can be used to cut computer and television-blocking glare without obstructing the views outside. But what kind would be best? The binder is about 8 inches thick.

Putting the right window treatments in a home is difficult business. First there’s purpose: blocking sun, cutting glare, privacy, UV protection, energy efficiency, etc. Next there’s function: size, style, installation, automated or manual, etc. Don’t forget materials: cloth, vinyl, wood, plastic, etc. And the homeowner hasn’t even decided on aesthetics yet.

A designer wants to design. A builder is worried about the glass and frame. Neither has time to know the ins-and-outs of different shades. A window specialist has a mastery of the products, Hughes explained.

As a designer herself, Hughes said she’s able to specialize in windows while coordinating her efforts perfectly with the design.

"When people find out they get excited… Being a designer herself is just gravy on top. She can do the technical side but also has an eye for it. It’s two in one," Huling said.

Huling is one of Hughes’ best friends and the two realized that the way they balance each others’ strengths and weaknesses would make them a great team.

"Where one is weak the other has strengths," Hughes said. "With two of us we can make customer service our top priority."

They both do sales, and they both know their products, but while Hughes is also a professional designer, Huling has a background in marketing.

The team said they love being in the Concept Center, which is a kind of one-stop shop for building a home or doing remodeling. They’re also able to work in tandem with other professionals involved with creating a home.

In the past, Hughes and Huling have worked with Mari Jo Mundahl of Barclay Butera.

"They bring their wonderful personalities to the table and balance each other nicely," she said. "Their talents and strengths balance each other out and make working with them fun."

Wasatch Window Coverings and Design@ The Park City Concept Center

1796 Prospector



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