EarthWell supports ‘green,’ healthy living |

EarthWell supports ‘green,’ healthy living


Entrepreneur Chris Bachman is really good at organizing things. He also has a passion for living sustainably and promoting holistic wellness. He believes there are a lot businesses and nonprofit groups in Park City that specialize in those same things, but tend to struggle running business affairs. He wants to help.

Bachman recently started EarthWell, a company to help wellness and "green" living specialists get coordinated and make a difference in people’s lives.

"There’s a need among wellness practitioners, especially alternative wellness specialists, to have a support base," he said. "They have great skills, but no real business acumen."

He said EarthWell can provide services to generate an online community, a center and a base of operations for various businesses specializing in wellness and sustainability.

"We can bring a lot to the table for business services," he said.

EarthWell can help strategize and organize marketing efforts like creating websites. He can offer business consultations and build virtual offices with professional answering services.

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People in the two industries he’s focusing on have a sliding scale of comfort with technology. He can offer a little or a lot in helping them market and operate more professionally, he said.

For example, many struggle with basics like receiving and answering messages. They are too busy focusing on an acupuncture or nutrition business to utilize basic technologies that would improve operations, he said.

At first glance, wellness and sustainability seem an odd pairing, but having a passion in both areas taught Bachman they’re usually the same people. Someone who wants solar panels on their roof also tends to be interested in proper nutrition, and vice versa, he explained.

If you really care about your body, you usually care about your environment and your place in it, he said.

In addition to business services, Bachman is utilizing his event-planning skills to make EarthWell an umbrella organization for putting together retreats, workshops, speaker series and special events focusing on wellness and sustainability.

"It’s to help people see how easy it is to live a sustainable lifestyle a wellness-fulfilled life," he explained. "But people are tired of having it rammed down their throat. I want to help people embrace it in a fun way."

The first major step in that direction will take place Sept. 11 and 12 at the Redstone Village parking lot with a festival.

Bachman’s first major career was organizing concerts and music festivals. He said he loves bringing things together to make something special.

To kick start his effort to unite wellness and sustainability professionals he’s inviting local businesses to participate. Fairs in which people walk around to tables and pick up brochures aren’t effective, he said. His festival will be a unique environment in which people have a special experience that hopefully awakens them to the need to live differently.

"Picture a green expo plus a renaissance fair and sprinkle some Burning Man on top for flavor," he said. "Take a class, listen to some music and check out alternatively-powered vehicles while your kids make art with recycled materials."

He’s envisioning it becoming the "green" and wellness fair for a 600-mile radius, he said.

"It’s about an experience, entertaining, engaging and making it interactive so people evolve in a comfortable and fun process,’ he added.


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