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Easy Pay numbers jump this year

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

More than 300 Summit County homeowners have signed up for Easy Pay, a system that allows homeowners a way to spread property tax payments over the course of a year.

"2013 taxes are due on Nov. 30, but many people don’t want to pay a large lump sum in that month. So we have a way for them to make prepayments, the same amount over several months," said Corrie Forsling, Summit County Treasurer.

Homeowners used to have to mail checks into the county, but now the county can debit the amounts directly from their bank accounts.

"They can choose the amount that is debited," Forsling said. "It can be as little or as large as they would like it to be. We generally recommend one-tenth of the previous tax year’s amount."

Homeowners then make nine prepayments toward their property taxes from January through September, after which they receive a bill for the final payment.

But homeowners don’t need to be signed up with Easy Pay prior to January to begin making prepayments.

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"They can sign up any time at all. If you sign up later in the year, you might make a larger payment per month," she said.

The program started in January 2012 with about 200 people signing up right out of the gate. Another 100 recently enrolled for the 2013 tax year.

Forsling said the dollar amounts for the interest the county receives is small, especially with the current low-interest rates.

"The main goal is to offer a service to taxpayers," Forsling said. "Many work hard to try to save for property taxes or they run into that big bill at the end of the month. So this is an option that makes life easier for the taxpayers."

Homeowners can sign up for Easy Pay at http://www.summitcounty.org/treasurer .