Ecker Hill student council organizes school kits |

Ecker Hill student council organizes school kits

The school kits to be distributed in Cusco, Peru later this year

The student council at Ecker Hill Middle School raised enough money to put together several school kits that will be delivered by members of the PC5 organization to people in South America. The organization’s first stop will be in Cusco, Peru, where they will be working at an orphanage, said Ecker Hill Middle School teacher Jen Hales. "They are making a playground for the kids, and bringing cloths, toys, and school bags," Hales said. PC5 members traveling to Cusco will be teaching education workshops, and distributing clothes to Peruvians in need. Hales said they will also be distributing soccer balls throughout the communities in memory of Matt Knoop, who passed away in 2008.


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