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A time to give thanks

Yes, we know. There’s no snow. The traffic is backing up on SR 224 and Kearns Boulevard – and the tourists aren’t even here yet. Gasoline prices are going through the roof. Our planet is warming up faster than we ever anticipated. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – if it hasn’t melted already.

But there’s one time every year when we set aside our worrying and carping – at least until the turkey has been turned into leftovers. And this is that time.

Here is the 2007 edition of our Thanksgiving list. For these things (and people) we are eternally grateful:

Artists – however you define that word – who help us look at the world a little differently.

People who have made it their mission to take care of Mother Earth.

Good auto mechanics.

A healthy economy that has kept most of us employed.

An incredible trail system that gets better by the year.

A town with genuine historic character and people eager to preserve it.

People who keep us grounded, who remind us that life isn’t about size of our homes or how much money we make or how many hours we spend at the office.

Life in one of the most beautiful corners of one of the most beautiful states in the country.

The Utah Legislature. That’s right, the legislature. We appreciate our state lawmakers in the same way that David Letterman appreciates George Bush. Not that we agree with many of their decisions, but they give us plenty to laugh about. And you have to give them credit for one thing: They have kept the state in the black.

Some juicy ballot issues (walkability and vouchers) to liven up what could have been a deadly dull election year – and some passionate letter-writers willing to share their opinions on those issues.

Enough other local stories to provide plenty of grist for our talented columnists and writers. In Park City, you never run out of things to write about.

The Park City school system. In a state that doesn’t believe in funding education, the district has managed to keep its academic standards among the best in the country.

Yes, this list could be a lot longer. But we’re running out of space. And besides, the turkey is getting cold.

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