Educator takes on another new challenge at Treasure Mountain Junior High |

Educator takes on another new challenge at Treasure Mountain Junior High

Emily Sutherland never expected it to happen so soon.

Yet when the principal’s position opened at Treasure Mountain Junior High, the first-year administrator knew it was a too good of a chance to pass up.

"I felt like I had to at least throw my name into the hat," said Sutherland, who is completing her first year as the school’s assistant principal. "One, to show my commitment to the school and the staff, and to show the district the direction I wanted to head. Two, because it was in my own building and it felt like the right thing."

The Park City School District recently announced Sutherland has been chosen for the job. She replaces David McNaughton, who is leaving for a principal position in the Wasatch School District.

Sutherland has been in the district for a decade, mostly as a teacher. She taught English for nine years at Ecker Hill Middle School, but found herself yearning for a new direction. She decided to become an administrator.

"It’s been really challenging," she said. "Some of the challenges I expected and some were surprises to me. But when I was making the transition into administration, I was looking for a challenge and a change in perspective. So although it’s been challenging, it was a challenge I wanted. It’s been really refreshing, actually."

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Sutherland knows her new position comes at an interesting time. The district has approved grade realignment and it appears likely Treasure Mountain will be torn down, leaving her future uncertain. She has not been told where she will end up after next year but said she is willing to do whatever is best for the district.

In the meantime, she said it is her job to ready the school’s teachers for whatever transitions lie ahead.

"While I’m not exactly sure how things will shake out with administration, I think it’s important to prepare for the staff for next year," Sutherland said. "Starting next year and staring at this big, blank wall in front of us doesn’t make sense. There’s a future and we need to head toward where we think we’re headed. Then if something changes, we’ll adjust."

So what is that path forward? Sutherland describes it as continuing and refining the vision that is currently in place at the school.

"Our whole leadership team had a vision for where we wanted the school to head and what direction we thought things needed to go next," Sutherland said. "I’m really proud of the work that we’ve done, and our faculty has done an amazing job starting to narrow down what kids should learn and how they’re going to learn it."

Sutherland’s promotion isn’t the only recent administration change in the district. The district recently announced Greg Proffit, currently the principal at McPolin Elementary School, will become an assistant principal at Park City High School, swapping positions with Bob Edmiston, who is currently at the high school but was previously principal at McPolin.

"It’s difficult to leave the teachers and families at McPolin," Proffit said in a press release. "We’ve been building an engaged school community and have made admirable progress in Spanish dual language learning for all students. In the same moment, it’s an honor to be asked to join the nationally recognized faculty, staff and administration at Park City High."

Also, the district announced Jesse Schuveiller has been named the replacement for PCHS assistant principal Lyndsay Anderson, who is becoming the director of the Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies program. Schuveiller is currently an assistant principal at a high school in San Diego.