Legos for Love builds happy holiday season for needy children |

Legos for Love builds happy holiday season for needy children

Bubba Brown

A small group of friends from the Park City Day School were hanging out one day in October, playing with their mountains of Legos, when they had an interesting idea.

They all agreed they had more Legos than they could possibly need. But they knew there were kids who aren’t as lucky. They had one thought: What can we do to help them?

Like that, Legos for Love was born. The friends recruited their older siblings to help organize a Lego drive throughout Park City to help provide underprivileged children throughout the area with gifts for the holidays.

"We started Legos for Love because we really enjoy Legos, and some kids don’t get to," said Lucas Burkemper, one of the students who started the group. "Legos are too expensive for some families. So we are going to give them to them for free."

The group is collecting Legos at several locations through Nov. 30. After that, the students will clean them up, package them and ship them out to children in need, including at local hospitals.

Matthew Baron, another student involved, said it’s been cool to see so many other people from around the community join the cause. It’s impossible to know how many people have donated Legos, but support has not been lacking.

"We’ve seen people come in with two or three grocery bags full of Legos," he said.

For Cliffey Burkemper, one of the best parts of starting Legos for Love has been watching the donation bins fill up, little by little.

"It feels sad to think that some kids don’t have the Legos that we have," he said. "You just stare at the amount of Legos we have and just think, ‘Gosh, some kids don’t have that amount of Legos.’ It really makes you want to do Legos for Love."

Joan Baron, the mother of some of the students who started Legos for Love, said she’s proud of what her kids have accomplished. It’s proof that you don’t have to have a lot of resources to make a big difference in your community.

"It’s rewarding," she said. "When we give toys to our kids, we always want them to realize that they’re very lucky to get those toys. It’s great that they see the value in giving them to somebody else. It makes us feel good knowing that their hearts are in the right place."

Legos for Love is accepting donations through Nov. 30 at: Park City Day School, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter and the Beau Collective. For more information, contact .