Park City Cooperative School returns to the library |

Park City Cooperative School returns to the library

For Linda Perkins, Monday felt like going home.

She arrived at the Park City Library in the morning, walked up a flight of stairs, opened the doors to the classroom and waited for the students to filter in.

"It was phenomenal," she said. "It’s so great to be back here."

Perkins is the lead teacher for the Park City Cooperative Preschool, which held its first day of summer camp back in its home at the library after being displaced for a year due to construction.

"It was totally worth it," Perkins said.

For everything new and updated — the school now resides on the third floor rather than the second, for one — the space felt familiar. That’s something that pleased the students who had been in the program when it previously resided in the library, Perkins said.

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"It’s funny because people keep coming in and saying, ‘Oh, it looks like the old space,’" she said. "That’s because it’s exactly the same footprint. We had a separate cubby room, a full kitchen and the room and flow set up the same way. But it’s all new carpet, new cabinets. It looks new but it feels kind of the same to us. It feels like home."

While away for the year, Perkins had come to miss the many benefits of being at the library. For instance, the space the preschool was in at a facility near City Park during the library’s construction didn’t have restrooms that accommodated children.

"This is probably the best thing about this space, is having our own little dedicated bathroom," she said. "There are child-size toilets and child-size sinks, so they can do everything without help. Fostering independence is really important to us here, and if you have a bathroom you can’t let them go to by themselves, it kind of thwarts that."

The new space also comes with other luxuries Perkins hadn’t previously considered much, such as air conditioning and a reliable heater.

"I think we’ll really appreciate the climate control," she said, smiling.

After parents had picked up their students from Monday’s class and the commotion had died down, Perkins got a chance to reflect on the school’s new home. She said she’s glad the lengthy process of the library’s construction is over and she can now focus on simply teaching students.

"I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to get here," Perkins said. "It’s been a long time coming. Even before we moved a year ago, it was probably a year and a half of conversations with the city and the architect and planning and wondering how the whole process was going to work. So it seems like it was a very long time."