Park City High School club screens Sundance film ‘The Mask You Live in’ |

Park City High School club screens Sundance film ‘The Mask You Live in’

Morgan Anderson knows growing up in Park City is much different than growing up in other, rougher, parts of the world.

But he also knows the town isn’t immune to some of the ills that plague society. As president of Park City High School’s newly formed End Violence Now club, Anderson is hoping to spread the message that violence — in any form — can happen anywhere. And he wants people to take action to help prevent it.

"We’re aware of things like domestic violence but a lot of times I think issues like this get brushed under the rug and we don’t really talk about it that much," Anderson said. "I definitely think Park City is kind of in a bubble because we don’t see it that much and you have to go out of Park City to see it a bit more. But it’s an important issue and we need to bring light to it. We’re trying to make people think about it more."

Anderson said high school students can make a large difference in stopping violence. He said it’s a matter of becoming educated and remaining vigilant.

"One of the biggest things young people can do is promote awareness and be educated on the signs and everything," he said. "With a lot of cases, there are signs of it happening but no one ever reports anything or questions anything, so it continues. We also have to get people educated at a young age, so we can start to prevent it from ever happening in the first place."

The End Violence Now club, which has partnered with Peace House, has about 30 members and is quickly gaining steam, Anderson said. Though he is graduating next month, he expects the club to continue to grow in the future.

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"We’re still a new club, so we’re forming a foundation," Anderson said, adding the club has already put on some events to raise awareness about issues such as domestic violence prevention. "But it really seems like we’re moving forward. I’m excited to see what happens next year."

End Violence Now’s first school year is culminating with a screening of the film "The Mask You Live In," which premiered this year at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary explores how men struggle to fit in while confined by society’s view of masculinity.

Anderson and a handful of other members of the club attended a screening of the film during Sundance, and it struck them that what is depicted in the film happens every day in the halls of the high school. They raised money to bring the film back to town so other students and community members can learn more about the issue.

"Even in the high school, you see it," Anderson said. "You know that men and boys are supposed to act a certain way, and girls are supposed to act a different way. When you don’t act that way, you kind of stick out in a negative way."

Screenings of the film will be held May 28 and May 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school’s lecture hall. There is no cost, but seats are limited and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. A discussion panel will be held after the showings.