Park City School District unveils summer programs |

Park City School District unveils summer programs

Bubba Brown

School vacation is time for camping and baseball and water parks and sleepovers and hundreds of other pastimes that have long been the treasures of the summer months.

But, according to Judy Tukuafu, director of education for the Park City School District, summer must also be the time for one more thing: learning. She said studies show students who do not engage in mental activity during the summer lose some of what they learned during the previous school year.

"There’s a lot of research on summer learning loss," she said. "It’s actually a real thing. Kids that don’t continually do some things during the summer lose some of what they learned towards the end of the school year. And the first month to two months of the next school year can be starting to relearn again."

The district has scheduled a bevy of summer programs for students. The math courses for grades four and up are among the most important. They run in early August and allow students to review last year’s concepts and prepare for the upcoming year. The courses cost $75.

"It really helps kids get back on track and get back into what they learned before school ended," Tukuafu said.

There are also several new programs this year. Those include Zaniac Robotics for first- through eighth-graders, which introduces students to robotics and teaches them STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts; a French dual language immersion course (there are also Spanish courses available); and a 3D design and printing course, which teaches the basics of 3D printing and modeling concepts.

Those courses are in addition to dozens the district is continuing after offering them in previous years, such as Best of Harry Potter Week and several art classes.

A full list of the courses, including scheduling and pricing, can be found on the district’s website,, by navigating to the Community Education tab and clicking on "Compass/Leisure Learning."