School board candidate Gregg Greer withdraws from race |

School board candidate Gregg Greer withdraws from race

Gregg Greer, a candidate for the District 1 seat on the Park City Board of Education, has withdrawn from the race.

In an email to The Park Record, Greer said he reached the decision after considering the state of affairs in the Park City School District and what he could "bring to the table." The announcement leaves Phil Kaplan, a current member of the school board, uncontested for the seat.

"I believe the candidates running have sufficient credentials and deserve enough time in office to apply the lessons of experience and make a positive difference through their service," Greer said in the email.

After announcing his candidacy this spring, Greer said he was running because becoming involved in education is one of the best ways to make a positive impact on the community. In particular, he hoped to reach out to the Hispanic community and help the district narrow its achievement gap.

Greer's withdrawal means only two Park City Board of Education races remain on the November ballot. Andrew Caplan and Peter Yogman are competing for the District 2 seat, while Moe Hickey and Petre Butler are squaring off in District 3.

Kaplan said running against Greer elevated the campaign, compelling him to get his message out to voters, but he will now turn his attention to implementing his ideas.

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"The work remains the work," he said. "I think it's been great having what was looking like competitive race up until now. It's forced me to think out an articulate a platform that's very clear. I look forward to making it happen for the kids, and I look forward to more conversations with people."