School board candidates multiply |

School board candidates multiply

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record

Now that the filing window for local school board seats is open, several new candidates have headed to the Summit County Clerk’s office to file the necessary paperwork to run for elected office.

In the Park City School District, Precinct 5 candidate Julie Eihausen now has an opponent in Edwin Lowsma who filed Monday afternoon.

Precinct 5 incumbent Charles Cunningham has yet to confirm whether or not he will be running for re-election. Should he choose to do so, there will be a primary run-off in June.

The neighborhoods represented in Precinct 5 are Lower Pinebrook, Pinebrook North, Summit Park East, Summit Park West, Upper Pinebrook and Wagon Wheel.

Eihausen told The Park Record Friday morning that should she be elected, she will focus on creating a balanced budget in addition to reducing class sizes and improving communications between the community and the school board.

At the time of publication, Lowsma had not yet been reached to comment on his decision to run for school board.

So far, J.J. Ehlers is the only candidate for the Precinct 4 seat, which represents the neighborhoods of Bitner, Jeremy East, Jeremy West, Kimball Canyon, Moose Hollow, Lower Silverbreek and Upper Silvercreek.

South Summit School District Precinct 4 incumbent Steve Hardman now also has competition. Scott Simons of Peoa filed Monday afternoon and said he plans to look into vocational programs for students in the district.

"I am a general contractor with a background in trades, and I wanted to see if I could help establish some kinds of programs where the kids in the district can have the opportunity to learn some trades like welding and carpentry," he said. "If they choose not to go to college, they can pick up a trade and make a livelihood out of it."

North Summit School District Precinct 4 incumbent Michael Calderwood has not said whether he will run for re-election or not and as of Tuesday had not yet filed. If he does, he will face challenger Kevin Orgill of Coalville.

Orgill filed late Friday afternoon, and he currently works in safety and security for the Park City School District. He believes his experience working in a school district will help him to improve upon the district where his children go to school.

"I had kids go through the district and still have some in the school system, so I want to see if I can my input can help make improvements in it," he said. "I know being on the school board gives you a different outlook, but I hope to look at different avenues as a school board member and make an impact that way."

Precinct 5 incumbent Vern Williams has chosen to run for re-election, and as of Tuesday, he remains unopposed.

The filing window will stay open until Thursday at 5 p.m. Candidates must reside in the precinct they would like to represent and pay a filing fee of $50.

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