South Summit District 4 primary race |

South Summit District 4 primary race

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record

The primary election on Tuesday, June 24, will not only include four names on the ballot for the Park City Board of Education District 5 seat but three names on the ballot for the South Summit School Board District 4 seat.

District 4 incumbent Steven Hardman of Kamas is running for re-election and campaigning against Scott Simons of Peoa and Lisa Kay Farmer of Marion. They will face off in the primary election on Tuesday, June 24, and the two top vote-getters will advance to the General Election ballot in November. Whoever is elected then will represent the precincts of Peoa, South Summit East and Weber Canyon.

Hardman worked for the South Summit School District for 24 years before his first term on the school board, Simons is a general contractor and Farmer is a stay-at-home mother with managerial experience.

Hardman decided to run for re-election, because he wants to continue to improve upon the education students in South Summit receive and help prepare them for their post-graduate careers, whether that includes college, trade school or joining the work force.

"These kids are our future, and our country is in a world of hurt right now," he said. "I hope this generation and the next will be able to make decisions and choices that can improve it, so we need to prepare them to take their place in this country, regardless of their profession, so they can lead our country in a better direction than it is headed right now."

Farmer said having three graduates of the South Summit School District, seven currently in the schools and two more that will soon enter the system has inspired her to run for the board and help strengthen the district. She believes experience as a mother will give the board a new perspective and handle on things if elected.

"I have experience in managing different people and different perspectives, and I recognize that people have all sort of different weaknesses and strengths," she said. "I know how to help manage and use those strengths to accomplish great things."

When Simons first filed to run for the District 4 seat in March, he told The Park Record his experience as a contractor motivated him to run for the school board in order to help establish programs for South Summit students to learn trades in order to enter the work force after high school graduation if that is what they choose to do.

"I think establishing programs where the students can have the opportunity to learn trades like welding or carpentry if they choose not to attend college could really benefit them," he said. "This way, they can pick up a trade they can make a livelihood out of."

Voters in South Summit’s District 4 can vote on Tuesday, June 24, from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. either at Oakley Town Hall located at 960 W. Center St. in Oakley or at the Kamas City Building located at 170 N. Main St., depending on where they are registered.

Voters in Park City’s District 5 can vote at Ecker Hill Middle School located at 2645 W. Kilby Rd. on Tuesday, June 24, as well, from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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