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Student to Student

Jessica Curley
Park Record Intern

As a high school student, I believe it is important to be actively involved with your school, and one of the best ways is to join a school club.

This year, I joined Park City High School's, End Violence Now club (EVN).

Before I joined this club, I had no idea what it was, but since a few of my friends were members, I decided to attend one of the meetings to check it out.

Going to the meeting opened my mind up to the potential and importance of this club's purpose.

EVN was designed to spread awareness about the violence our world experiences, and to be more specific, the violence our community is facing, both physical and emotional.

EVN works very closely with Peace House, a local nonprofit organization, dedicated to keeping families safe and free from domestic violence. The Peace House offers shelter, support, and many other services.

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Compared to the other clubs at our school, EVN has only 50 members, where the National Honor Society has about 200 members.

Regardless of size, EVN still offers a chance to get involved in the community. Members are required to do four group projects that can range from helping with an event at school to going to the Peace House and lending your support to the families.

Through my involvement, I have come to believe that the work we are doing is very important.

This summer, I participated in the Peace House event, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, where I walked alongside police officers, firefighters, and other people willing to walk a mile in high heels. Although there were many slips and stumbles, the walk was for a good cause that many wanted to support.

Listening to the news, you hear about people getting shot, bombs being planted, and so many more malicious acts. Even though all those events are traumatic, there are things the news doesn't broadcast, and that people aren't aware of: violence that takes place in a home.

A home is somewhere you are supposed to feel safe alongside your loved ones. But when something goes wrong and members of the family are exposed to abuse, as an individual you feel trapped. The place you were supposed to feel secure is now a war zone and there's nowhere to hide.

That's where the Peace House comes in. They take the abused and mistreated in and offer them a shelter to make them feel safe and guarded.
Park City High School, juniors Francesca Castellano, and Franzi Ritzinger, explained why they joined EVN.

"The main reason why I joined EVN was because my friend wanted me to, but once I started going to the meetings, I really liked it and enjoyed the things that they were doing for the community." Castellano said. "I think this club is important because it helps raise awareness to all the violence going on around us. Also, I got to connect with people that have the same interests as I do."

Ritzinger added, "I joined because it was a time in my life where I felt the need to help others that were less fortunate, or in harmful situations." She said. "I love this club and agree with everything it stands for. It helps spread the word on what really happens in our world and community, and together we try to change it for the better and help support the victims."

I couldn't agree more with Castellano and Ritzinger.

EVN is filled with all different types of people with different interests, but we are all coming together to help spread awareness about violence and how to stop it.

Everyone deserves happiness and safety, so together let's end the violence and hatred for one and for all, because as the Beatles say: "all you need is love."