Student to student: Next generation will put its stamp on political process |

Student to student: Next generation will put its stamp on political process

Mckenna Ehrmantraut, left, and Meredith Lawing pose together at Park City High School.
(Jessica Curley/Park Record)

The presidential election is fast-approaching, and that means a new group of voters will choose whether they stand with Clinton or Trump.

Park City High School seniors who will be 18 before the date of the election will have a say in who wins. (A 17-year-old could register to vote in October if they turn 18 before November’s election.)

Summit County Clerk, Kent Jones says it’s important for young people to vote.

“You are the leaders and decision makers of the future, and the sooner you are interested and involved, the more understanding and knowledge you can apply,” Jones said.

Park City High School seniors Mckenna Ehrmantraut and Meredith Lawing, who are not yet eligible to vote, said they would if they could.

Ehrmantraut stated, “If I were old enough to vote, I definitely would.” She said. “I believe that it’s important to vote, because if not everyone is voting, the polls would most likely have a different outcome.”

Lawing added that this election will impact the future for her generation.

“This election will affect all aspects of the political spectrum, like the economy, social issues, and international relations.”

Lawing also has strong opinions about the candidates.

“If Trump were elected president there would be a lot of things that would be lost,” she said. “The fact that recently he has threatened to not abide by what the Constitution says is a major issue, and it shows that he has no respect for our government.”

“Hillary does have her faults as well,” Lawing added.

Overall, this is a very critical time of year. The fate of America is in the people’s hands.

Some voters think it doesn’t matter who becomes president, but others have very strong opinions about who is qualified to lead the country.

Anyone who is able to vote, should, because we are all governed by the people who show up to cast a vote. If you are passionate about this year’s election and have a strong preference among the candidates, please vote. Our future as the next generation depends on the people voting for a qualified leader.

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