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Eihausen, Payne advance in PCSD primary

Alexandria Gonzalez, The Park Record

A handful of Summit County voters decided that Julie Eihausen and Doug Payne will move on to the November General Election ballot for the Park City School Board District 5 seat and that South Summit School Board District 4 incumbent Steven Hardman of Kamas will face off against Lisa Kay Farmer of Marion for his seat.

Eihausen received 80 of the 217 votes cast while Payne earned 59 votes. Ed Lowsma came in third with 42 while Julie Nirula garnered 36. Just 6.7 percent of the electorate turned out in PCSD District 5.

In South Summit, Hardman received 68 of the 109 votes cast, Farmer received 30. Scott Simons, who is now out of the race, received 11 votes. Turnout in South Summit School District 4 was 12.5 percent.

Hardman could not be reached for comment, but all three other top vote-getters expressed their appreciation to the voters for placing their trust and confidence in them.

According to Payne, "I think what made a big difference for me is that my wife was my campaign manager and helped me organize things, got people out to vote and set up my website I also think getting out grassroots and going door-to-door helped a lot and I plan to keep doing that until the November election."

Farmer said she did not do a lot going into the primary besides tell whoever she could that there was an election Tuesday. However, in November she said she plans to go door-to-door as well to inform her fellow community members what her views are.

"Steve is an awesome guy and has done a great job. He was great to do that last year and already came around before the primaries," she said. "I’m going to spend some time doing that as well so voters will be educated and be able to vote for who they think will best represent them."

Eihausen said she believes her constituents recognized that she is passionate about making important decisions for their children and hopes they continue to place their trust in her.

"I really think this community knows and recognizes that I have been working on education issues for a very long time, that I do try to put my money where my mouth is and I do try to do as much as I can for the district," she said. "I also think our educational backgrounds played a large part in getting both Doug and I on that November ballot."

Payne said he realizes not many voters turned out Tuesday, but he appreciates those that did.

"It certainly shows the community support here," he said. "Now we need a lot more than just the few hundred – if that – that turned out tonight, and we would like to see them all at the November General Election."

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