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Elite performance, elite training, elite care


Chris "Hatch" Haslock plays hard. He’s suffered a few injuries in past years and has seen a number of physicians in the area. For his most recent injury, he decided to see one of his heroes.

"When Eric Heiden came here, I knew him because I was 16 years old when I saw him in the Olympics," he said.

Haslock is one of many people excited about 5-time Winter Olympic gold medalist and cycling champion Eric Heiden joining Park City’s medical community.

Eric and his wife Karen, both orthopedic physicians, recruited to their office Dr. Phil Davidson, an expert in cartilage restoration and joint resurfacing of the knee and shoulder, and Dr. Max Testa, who has "gained a reputation for developing exceptional sports training programs based on science, biomechanics, nutrition and psychology," according to their website.

Eric Heiden and Testa are both co-medical directors of USA Cycling. Heiden was a competitive cycling champion himself, and Testa has worked with the likes of Lance Armstrong.

Three of the physicians work at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Murray, and all four live in Park City.

The experience patients benefit from at Heiden Orthopaedics on Park Avenue is a combination of medical expertise and elite athletic training, explained office coordinator Krista Clayton.

"They (Heiden and Testa) both have vast experience in cycling. They have a vast amount of things to offer, so we offer something a little different," she said.

The Heidens came to Utah from University of California, Davis in 2006 and opened their clinic here in April. The Park Avenue office allows the Heidens to be closer to their children in Park City schools while contributing to the local sports community, Clayton explained.

Eric Heiden is an expert on the knee, shoulder and ankle. His experience as an athlete and a trainer make him good at getting patients back into their sport.

Karen Heiden is a hand, wrist and elbow surgeon. Although Summit County has many great orthopedic surgeons, Karen and Davidson are the only doctors in the area with their particular specialties, Clayton said.

Because part of the clinic’s mission is getting athletes back in their game, it has a room dedicated solely for Pilates. Kat Jonsson-Vincent is the instructor. She works with patients of the clinic as well as anyone else who’d like to attend her sessions.

Sometimes patients come in reporting soreness as a result of too much cycling. Pilates is sometimes a more appropriate treatment than any medical solution, Clayton explained.

While all four physicians split their time between Murray and Park City, Karen Heiden spends the majority of her time at Heiden Orthopaedics.

"I like this community and being a part of it. I want to be here taking care of people in the community," she said.

Haslock said that as an active person, he appreciated the support the Heidens gave to athletics here even before he chose them as his doctors.

"I’m excited to see him here," he said. "I was able to get in very well and everyone is very personable, sat down with me and talked in detail about my situation."

Heiden Orthopaedics

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