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Elume Lighting brightens up with new look

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Like all of her other projects, Jennifer Brassey remembers exactly where the inspiration for her home bar came from. She saw it at a lighting show last year and made note to recreate it in her home. Brassey recently opened a lighting consultation store, Elume Lighting.

"You never know who you’re going to meet or the projects that are out there," Brassey said. "It’s really about the people."

Brassey said a lot of inspiration for her business is found in random pages cut out of magazines, vacations she took and the odd and ends she’s collected since she’s been in the business.

For Brassey, those clippings are a constant source of inspiration, giving her a large collection of ideas.

"When you go to a house and see what you want to do, it’s so inspiring," Brassey said.

"The difference between costume jewelry and fine jewelry on a woman is amazing. And that’s what we do. When a woman looks gorgeous in fine jewels, that’s so rewarding, and it’s how we feel when we’ve completed a job. Lighting will make or break a project."

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Brassey decided to rebrand and relocate the store from Prospector Square to Quarry Village. In the new space, she was able to showcase some of the more extraordinary lighting options on the market she said.

An 8-foot-tall, three-tiered crystal chandelier hangs near the center of the store. It took eight hours to fully install and was hung one string at a time. It’s this kind of detail that Brassey said she brings to any project.

"We’re a really great force," Brassey said. "We understand lighting."

The Elume team consists of four women Brassey along with Anne Yates, Cora Sternholm, and Michele Johnson all with backgrounds in the industry. Combined, the four have more than 35 years of lighting experience.

"Everyone spends so much money on tile or furniture, but if it’s not lit it doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent," Yates said. "You can’t see it."

Elume is meant for any price range Yates said, from buying a single light bulb to large-scale commercial work. And Elume will even delve into custom work for clients, working with companies to design the perfect light.

The number of in-store products has been rescaled, added on or even taken down a notch. But that doesn’t even cover the really out-of-the-box projects the group has worked on over the years, Yates said. Yates remembers one custom-lighting project she worked on that consisted of three lighted gondolas each representing one of Park City’s resorts that moved across the backyard.

"Whatever their budget is, we want to take it and make it fabulous," she added.

Whenever the group starts a project, a team member will meet with the clients to get a feel for the project and the client’s needs. Starting with the electrical plan and working toward design, Brassey said working with architects, interior designers and construction workers is how they make sure the client is getting what they want, whether they were buying one light fixture or buying all the lighting for a 10,000 square-foot space.

"We help the customer from start to finish," Brassey said, "no matter the size of the project, no matter the budget."

3156 Quarry Road, Quarry Village Unit A



Hours: Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And meetings by appointment