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Be in the know. Sign up for The Park Record’s newsletters.

The Park Record provides email newsletters and alerts for readers to keep up with breaking stories and the news that matters to the community. Three newsletters are available free of charge and supplement the newspaper’s traditional print and digital coverage.

Breaking news emails will alert you to news that will have a major impact on Park City and Summit County the moment we report it.

The Record Roundup provides readers with personalized email updates from across our website. Are you always reading up on the latest news about City Hall or the Summit County Council? Do you need to stay in the know about the newest art exhibit or upcoming concert? Reading the latest about Park City schools or sports? The Record Roundup pays attention to the content you read the most and delivers it straight into your inbox.

The Promotions & Offers email sends you periodic special discounts for local restaurants, shops and activities around Park City to keep you engaged in the community.

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