Engineers on the rise |

Engineers on the rise

Megan Yeiter, The Park Record

Greg Method, a 2008 PCHS graduate, will receive a bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University this weekend. Earlier this month, Method earned second place in the sixth annual American Society of Mechanical Engineering IShow competition, along with a $7,000, which he and his teammates plan to reinvest into their project, the Equalizing Distribution Device. Method and company were among 10 teams invited to participate in the event. "The project was our senior project and we went up against four other teams in our section. We gave a 30-minute presentation to a panel of six to eight judges," Method said. "Basically in its simplest form, it’s a series of wireless valves that are placed at points on a freight train and they measure the train’s brake pressure," he said, adding that the valves help improve the trains stopping distance and it’s an improvement to the current air brake system. Method will start working at Incube Labs in San Jose after graduation.


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