Eric Oberg – District 2 |

Eric Oberg – District 2


Father of twins entering Ecker Hill next year, K-12 public school product, and 1988 graduate of Brown University, I spent nearly 17 years at Goldman Sachs before retiring as a Managing Director in 2005. Like, perhaps, most people, I had never given public schools that much thought that is, until my kids got to school age – and then it became all-important. We spent two years in California before moving up here four years ago, so I have had a good look at two different school district’s operations.

As my kids entered first grade, I first got involved in education by running the public school foundation for their elementary school, and it was here that I learned about public school finance and how schools operate. Our elementary school foundation in California had a $220,000 annual budget, and I took the fiduciary responsibility very seriously – to make sure we were directing money where there was a compelling need and to make sure those dollars were spent in the most effective manner possible.

That experience has instilled in me a great appreciation for data-driven decision making. In light of the current budget crisis facing our school district, I think a sense of discipline is necessary – not to slash spending, but to spend more efficaciously — and data-driven decision making will substantially aid in that process. As fiduciary to both student and tax-payer, we need to make sure we are spending as effectively as possible in order to garner the best outcomes that maximize each student’s potential.

I have served on the District’s Data and Educator Evaluation Committees, and with two kids in sixth grade, will have a vested interest in the District all four years of this term. Instead of putting money into signage and campaigning, I am making comparable contributions to the PCEF.


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