Exchange students monkey around at climbing wall |

Exchange students monkey around at climbing wall

The Chinese exchange students wrapped up their trip in Park City with climbing at the National Ability Center

On Wednesday the students from Beijing High School Number Four wrapped up a whirlwind trip with their final excursion in Park City, an afternoon of climbing at the National Ability Center.

This concluded a whirlwind trip that started on Thursday, Feb. 2. During their eight-day tour they also went hiking in Moab, attended classes at Park City High School, visited McPolin Elementary School, snowshoeing, skied, to a Jazz game, toured Temple Square and met Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

Zhang Xu Hui, 17, was impressed when he met the Governor.

"His Chinese is perfect. He’s an American expert on China," Hui said.

He also enjoyed skiing while he was here.

"The resorts are the best in the world," he said.

His host family was kind, and Hui is grateful for their hospitality.

"I think they are very kind, very friendly. The family treats me well," he said.

He noted some contrasts between PCHS and his school in Beijing.

"They stress more on the social ability," he said of PCHS and called the science classes, "a little too easy."

Dana Lyubner, a senior at PCHS, said the Chinese exchange students excelled at physics.

Other differences she noticed were, "the strictness of the school, and how much more educational (they) are."

She said their learning environment is quite different.

"Their classrooms are simple, no decorations. They’re not allowed to eat or drink in class, not even water," Lyubner said.

She also mentioned that teachers never sit down and students stand when they address their instructors.

On her trip to China she said she got the impression the Chinese students thought Americans were a bit wild.

"We would dance in our chairs," she said, and the behavior earned quizzical stares from her foreign friends.

While the Chinese students often stuck to a strict curfew while in their hometown she said that on the night of the Jazz game, "we stayed out until 11 p.m. or almost midnight."

Wu Mengtei, 16, enjoyed skiing the most and said everything in Utah was interesting for her.

When comparing PCHS to Beijing High School Number Four she observed a difference in teaching styles.

"We cannot eat or drink in our classes and the teacher speaks more," she said.

Francie Kohanick, who is hosting one of the exchange students at here home, has enjoyed having them here and loves how eager they are to learn more about the United States.

"They are so polite and so smart and so interested in America," she said.

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