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Expanding Heart not skipping a beat


The Expanding Heart gift shop at 505 Main Street has a new owner.

Jeannie Lambert recently purchased the store from Joy Barrett. Lambert says she has been a long-time fan of the Expanding Heart and occasionally gave Tarot-card readings there.

Lambert was recently the Internet manager at Deer Valley Resort. When she heard Barrett was looking to sell, she "took a leap of faith."

"Everything in here is involved in reawakening people to their divine potential. These are the tools to get you there. I just like to help people," Lambert said.

She and Barrett have much in common, and Lambert said she loves what the store already is, so the only aspect she plans to change is its Web presence.

Barrett said she had an intuition that it was time for a transition, and was hoping to sell to someone who was in alignment with the particular energy of the store.

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"At all levels spiritually, physically, emotionally she can carry on what the Expanding Heart stands for. She can bring it to new levels combined with her expertise in the world of marketing and technology areas in which I don’t have an expertise and don’t have an interest in pursuing," Barrett said.

Lambert said a new website will be up in September and she invites people to "friend" and "follow" the store on social networking sites. Customers have frequently said they’d buy items online if the option was available, she added.

The store has been doing well during the economic downturn, Lambert said, adding that people are looking for help and hope. The books and music are the best sellers because they’re affordable and offer insights, she said.

"We don’t just offer a product, we offer a whole experience," Lambert added.

Even though there are no plans to make dramatic alterations, Lambert and Barrett both said change is inevitable in the store.

"I was always changing things," Barrett said. "The essence is what carries the Expanding Heart. It is the Expanding heart."

The types of crystals and geodes sold are always turning over, and the jewelry is hand-crafted by a local artist so each piece is unique, Lambert said.

"We always have new things coming in," she added.

Lambert said she will continue the tradition of having Intuitives or astrologists giving readings in the store daily from 1 p.m. to evening. As an Intuitive herself, Lambert said she loves meeting new people and helping them find whatever they’re looking for.

Call the store with questions at 435-649-1255.

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