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Extension courses complement Park City

Frank Fisher, of the Record staff

The University of Utah Continuing Education has several Lifelong Learning classes to complete summer in Park City with a flair.

Linda Wichowski, the site manager of the U of U Continuing Education in Park City, said many people don’t know that the University has much to offer Parkites, with an array of credit classes, non-credit classes and other educational opportunities.

Wichowski seems to answer more questions about location of the Park City Library (down the hall) and Soaring Wings Montessori School (third floor) than questions about University classes. The good side, she said, is that many people entering the library discover the University extension.

She said Parkites take classes locally and in Salt Lake, while Salt Lake City residents may come to Park City to "enjoy a class and escape the heat."

Summers are relatively quiet, with a few well-placed Lifelong Learning classes, until activity picks up in the fall as locals return from vacation.

"Mastering Martinis" ends the month of July. "Nature Photography," "Food and Wine Pairing" and "Breathe Life into Your Life Story" are held in August.

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Mastering Martinis, held at Kristauf’s Martini Bar, at 825 S. Main Street, teaches students how to make the perfect martini. Kristauf’s, which offers 85 variations of the famous drink, knows its martinis. The $35 charge for the class includes materials martinis, which are sampled during the class.

The class explores differences between martinis and martini cocktails, shaking verses stirring, serving martinis, and the phenomenon of martini bars. Also, students are educated on vermouth, gin verses vodka martinis, and the quality of ingredients. Garnishes for martinis are also discussed and sampled.

What is the secret of a good martini?

"It’s all in the shake," said Lisa Christoffersen, who co-owns the Kristauf’s Martini Bar with her sister, Jill. "The perfect martini, when shaken correctly, will have a fine sheet of ice over the martini," Lisa said. Also critical to the perfect martini are high- quality ingredients, which she describes as "top shelf."

"The bartenders have a lot of fun," she said. "If you participate you have a lot of fun. And after a few samples, everyone is participating."

"Mastering Martinis" is scheduled for July 28, from 4:30-6 p.m. Photo ID required.

"Nature Photography," a four-session class, runs from Aug 1-22 and is taught by Alan Fuchs, a nature photographer whose work has been featured in birding magazines and the National Geographic books’ Complete Guide to Birds of North America.. He has taught the course for 12 years.

The class will introduce up-close "macro photography" and take a long look at nature photography. Both film and digital photographers are welcome. A field trip will give students a chance "to confront specific situations and ask me questions," Fuchs said. Students will be encouraged to bring their prints to class for class critiques.

What does it take to be a professional wildlife photographer? "You have to love the subject matter, Fuchs said. "You have to have curiosity and patience. It is very, very time consuming," he said of waiting for the perfect conditions to photograph a subject.

He also said photographers must develop "camera competence" and be able to operate features of their cameras without thought.

"I like it a lot," Fuchs said of teaching the class. "It’s interesting to see how people view the world through a camera."

Nature Photography will meet Wednesdays, 9-11 a.m., with one Saturday field trip, to be announced. Cost of the course is $99. The class location is 1255 Park Ave., Ste. 103

"Food and Wine Pairing," a new class, will explore what foods best complement wines and vice versa. It is not as simple as chicken: white, steak: red. Students will taste wines with fish, meats, pasta, vegetables and desserts.

Sheral Schowe, the instructor of the course, is the owner of Wasatch Academy of Wine, and has been a wine educator since 1991. She has her masters in education. "Food and Wine Pairing" will be held at Jean-Louis, 136 Heber Ave. in Park City. The class is held Thursday Aug. 9, 6-9 p.m. Cost of the class is $40 plus $60 special fee for food and wine samplings. A photo ID is required.

"Breathe Life into Your Life Story," energizes students in writing memoirs that will be read voluntarily.

Instructor Dawn Thurston is the author of three books and a freelance writer interested in genealogy. She has been teaching life-story writing since 1997. "A memoir is not just facts." People have to get their personality into it. "You’ll learn to breathe life into the people, places and events of your life so others can visualize what it was like to walk in your shoes," Thurston says in the course outline.

The best way they can bring their stories to life is to use techniques used in fiction writing, Thurston said. She will guide students how to isolate and re-create major life-incidents or colorful anecdotes. The two-session class will consist of writing exercises, introducing suspense, humor and how to "write as easily as you talk." Thurston said her biggest thrill in teaching the course is "helping people discover that their lives have been interesting and meaningful."

"If you want to create an honest, heartfelt story and you want to tell a good story, I think you will find a lot of interest," Thurston said.

"Breath Life into Your Life Story" will be held Tuesday and Thursday, Aug.14 and 16, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at 1255 Park Ave, Suite 103, in the same building as the Park City Library.

For information on Continuing Education, visit http://www.utah.edu

For more information, or to register for classes, call Linda Wichowski at (435)649-3480 at the Academic Outreach and Continuing Education, Park City Campus.