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Facebook wall gets hacked

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

A girl in the Jeremy Ranch area isn’t sure who posted derogatory remarks on her Facebook wall by hacking into her account on the popular social networking Web site.

On May 8, her mother reported the occurrence to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

"Her 14-year-old daughter’s Facebook page is being hacked and we don’t really know who the suspect is," Sheriff’s Office Detective Ron Bridge said. "The suspect began putting things on her Facebook page that were rude toward her, that she did not put on there. It looked as if she had posted it about herself."

Passwords for all online accounts should be kept private, Bridge said.

"At some time or another somebody got a hold of the password for her e-mail and they easily get into her Facebook by changing the Facebook password, which is sent to her email, and then getting the Facebook password off the e-mail," Bridge said.

Avoid using names, birthdates and other information that could make passwords easy to guess, and change them often, he said.

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"Kids give out their passwords frequently and we try to educate them as much as we can that passwords need to be kept private," Bridge said. "You should never let your friends into you e-mail or any other account that you have, your Facebook, your MySpace or otherwise."