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Facility will cleanse Weber River water for Park City’s system


Parkites and commuters who drive along the S.R. 248 entryway have watched as a municipal building went up just off the road.

City Hall is nearly ready to unveil the waterworks facility, which will be an important part of Park City’s water system. It is a water-treatment plant that will ensure water from the Weber River is safe to put into the drinking water system.

Roger McClain, who oversaw the project for the Water Department, said the water from the Weber River will be a new municipal source once the treatment plant is operating. The new source better positions the water system if there are problems with another source. McClain anticipates the facility will be put into operation by late April.

The facility will be able to treat as many as 3 million gallons each day at the beginning and the daily capacity is expected to increase to 9 million eventually, according to a flier distributed by City Hall. It will also be able to generate hydroelectric power someday.

A pipeline that was finished in 2011 takes the water from the Weber River to the treatment plant. The flier indicates that the temperature of the water that flows from a tap may fluctuate depending on the season and that the water could taste, feel or smell different than before. It says the changes do not impact the quality of the water.

The treatment plant cost approximately $17 million to build. It was paid for through fees charged to developers. Construction started in 2010.

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City Hall has long wanted to more widely diversify its water sources, some of which are tunnels. There have been problems with naturally occurring contaminants in the tunnel sources.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned on April 5. The Water Department will also host an open house and offer tours of the facility that day. The event starts at 4 p.m. and lasts until 6 p.m.

For more information, contact the Water Department at 615-5305 or visit http://www.parkcitywater.org.