Fast and local screenings available |

Fast and local screenings available


Russ Jones and Tia Nelson both work in substance abuse counseling. They discovered a need for professional drug screening to be offered locally, and opened Comprehensive Drug Testing, or CDT, last month.

In their office on Prospector Drive they only do screening. It’s a neutral environment where they take samples and declare them to be negative or positive nothing more, nothing less, Nelson explained.

They feel their targeted approach and location in a large office building gives them an edge.

"We’re a good alternative to the clinic setting," Jones said.

The waiting time is unpredictable at a health care facility where the client must first check in and wait to be seen. CDT is only open by appointment (and appointments can be made for same-day visits) so there’s no wait time or public waiting area, Nelson explained.

CDT has a few corporate clients already and is anticipating a large portion of business coming from local employers wanting to drug screen applicants.

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Any company that must maintain a safe environment is having job applicants screened, Nelson explained. That covers Park City’s largest employers. It is also popular with many lodging companies.

Drug screening is also offered to people in some phase of the judicial system. They can test people on parole or convicted of driving while intoxicated.

A growing sector of business that has been around for some time but is becoming more popular is drug screening of teenagers, Nelson said.

In order to help keep children clean, many parents are having middle school and high school students screened for drugs and alcohol. It can be started early to prevent problems or used to keep children on a path to recovery, she said.

Drug and alcohol abuse has been "skyrocketing," Nelson said. A graduate of Park City High School herself, she says it is a serious problem plaguing local youth.

CDT offers urine analysis, saliva screening for both drugs and alcohol, breathalyzers, and other standard methods.

The business is able to customize the service for clients. If a company or agency prefers one type of screening over another, or is focused on some substances but not others, CDT can comply, Jones explained.

CDT also runs tests to detect alterants vinegar, lemon juice, salt and chemicals used to mask positive results. If any alterants are found, it is an automatic fail, Jones said.

If more sophisticated screening is required, CDT has contracted with an out-of-state agency, he added.

Jones, Nelson and their staff are also mobile. If privacy or transportation is a problem, they can go to a client.

"We can be discreet," Jones said.

The variety of screening procedures allows them to accommodate anyone uncomfortable with a certain method so long as it is appropriate for the circumstances, he added.

"We offer confidentiality, convenience, affordability and reliability and we’re local," Nelson said.

Russ Jones is the owner of CDT and Tia Nelson is its director.

Comprehensive Drug Testing

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