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Faux newspaper extols Olch’s candidacy

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A pro-Brad Olch publication extolling the mayoral candidate’s platform appeared around Park City late on Sunday, a late-hour push for votes as Olch tries to make up the gap between himself and incumbent Mayor Dana Williams.

The publication, put together by the Olch campaign, was made to look like an independent newspaper. It is called "Park City Election News." There were reports that the publication was put on cars and on doors.

The publication features newspaper article-looking statements from Olch about topics like Main Street, Treasure and Old Town. It prominently features a picture of Olch and some of his supporters walking in the Miners Day parade. It also has comments from some of his supporters.

The publication was put out two days before voters head to the polls to pick between Olch and Williams. The Olch campaign has been especially aggressive in recent weeks in its criticism of the Williams administration.

Williams said he received a copy of the publication on the front door of his Prospector house Sunday evening. He said "Park City Election News" does not accurately portray the issues.

"We’ve been waiting for this for months. This is what he does every election," Williams said, adding, "This is the way Brad does campaigns. So be it."

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The mayor said people started contacting him Sunday night with reports of the publication.

Olch said in an interview more than 1,000 copies were printed. He said they were distributed late Sunday afternoon to residential addresses. Twenty-five campaign volunteers distributed them, Olch said.

"There’s nothing in there that hasn’t been said before," Olch said.

The publication revisits key parts of his campaign platform, including the condition of Main Street and the Sweeney family’s plans to build the Treasure development overlooking Old Town on the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort.

Olch said "Park City Election News" cost the campaign $500 to print and additional money to design. Olch was not immediately sure where the publication was printed.

Olch said the publication, which is labeled Volume II, Issue I, is similar to one he put out before the 1989 mayoral election. That year he won his first term in office.

Olch claimed Williams has declined a chance to face Olch on a one-on-one basis, spurring him to publish "Park City Election News." He called the publication "just another campaign piece."

"He refuses to debate. I’m forced to bring the issues to the people. That’s what I’ve done," Olch said.

The Olch side in the final leg of the campaign leveled some of the sharpest criticism against Williams during his nearly eight years in office. Campaign advertisements from Olch have challenged the incumbent’s record on business and the environment, among other criticisms.