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February break still up in the air for 2007-2008 school year

After a survey in May it is clear that the community likes the current school calendar, but the February break has yet to be resolved.

The calendar committee, which includes parents, a teacher, principals and Superintendent Dave Adamson recently polled the community on three different options for the school calendar in 2007-2008 which will continue for the next five years.

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and calendar committee member Nancy Scott reported the mixed feedback that was received about the February break, tentatively scheduled Feb. 18-22.

72 percent of students voted to keep it.

76 percent of parents voted to shorten or eliminate it

The staff was equally divided on the issue.

"I think the consensus was to keep the break," she said, but added the committee isn’t certain about how long it should be.

There are tentative plans to conduct another survey on the topic. Below are some comments provided by the Park City School District that were received from the survey in May:

From staff (not including teachers):

"Everyone was ready for this break this year, even more so than the April break. It is a gloomy time of winter and a well needed time off."

"Get rid of this break. Start one week later in August. We already have a spring recess, we do not need this break."

From parents:

"A week called ski week, which is used for vacation for the majority, not necessary, hard on working parents. We just had winter recess and spring recess around the corner. Get out one week earlier for the summer."

"Absolutely, we need to leave town this week, escape."

"Do we need this break? How about a longer spring break like they do in Sun Valley and Jackson, Wyoming?"

"Don’t take this out, we live in a ski resort town."

"For those of us who work in the ski industry or hospitality fields this is the most difficult time at work. I would rather see a January ski week or at least a February week that does not overlap President’s Week."

"Get rid of this break and shorten the school year. These week-long breaks are hard on working parents."

"I strongly want to keep this a full week."

"I would like to see this decreased to a 3 day weekend like other school districts, then maybe end school earlier in June. When some students are off for a week they loose the school routine and it’s difficult to get back in the swing of school,"

"This has been traditional for allowing our students to ski, but the slopes are so crowded it is not always fun. Could we cut this down to (a) four day weekend?"

"This is a week that is (a) waste of time. Just when the children seem to be on a steady schedule and back on track from Christmas break we go and have another extensive break and then not too soon after we go and have another break for spring."

From teachers:

"Best vacation of them all."

"Anytime in late February is good."

"Fits our culture and climate."

"No need for a February recess, keep the same schedule but get out a week earlier by eliminating the February recess."

"This break is emotionally and intellectually healthy for the students and the staff. Without the break, it would be a long stretch from December to spring break. Many parents have said they would still take their children out of school if (the) February break is gone."

"This is a rejuvenation for many teachers. I, for one, look forward to this week. I feel refreshed when I return. Without this break, Jan-March is a long cold winter. Please do not do away with this week."

"Would rather not have this holiday and get out earlier."

"I would suggest that we do not take that week off. That would allow to either start later or end earlier."

"Too long. It’s worth shortening this break to get out earlier. Four day including the weekend would be plenty. Other schools don’t get anything at all."

Scott also noted that some people who responded to the survey asked if the Utah Education Association holiday could be moved. She clarified that the UEA meeting dates are determined by the state and are not in the control of Park City School District.

The 2007-2008 Park City School District Calendar

This is a tentative calendar for the 2007-2008 Park City School District which will be effective over the next 5 years if it is approved by the board.

School starts: August 20

No school will be held on:

September 3

October 11-12

November 21-23

December 24 to January 4

January 21

February 18-22

March 21

April 7-11

May 26

Last day of school: June 6

Survey Results

The following are the results of a calendar survey conducted in May. The majority of feedback was given through an online survey, and the rest is from letters, emails and hard copies of the pole.

Option A: School starts on August 6 and ends on May 23 80 votes

Option B: School starts on September 1 and ends June 20 141 votes

Option C: School starts on August 20 and ends on June 6 672 votes

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