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Festival goers will have two opportunities to see indie favorite Sea Wolf

Sara Sturgis, The Park Record

For a songwriter capable of intimate and insightful lyrics, Alex Brown Church of the band Sea Wolf, is a man of few words.

Though the musician’s passionate fan base certainly views Church as a celebrity of the indie world, he has the comfortable demeanor more common to the band next door.

Sea Wolf’s independent vibe is probably one of the reasons the band was selected for one of the performances at Sundance’s ASCAP Music Café.

Though Church has performed at ASCAP before, he’s looking forward to performing two shows at the café this year, and consequently spending a little more time in Park City.

"We’ll get a chance to explore a bit more and see at least one film," he said. The shows are the some of the first on the band’s tour, which will also take them to Colorado and Arizona. This tour follows a larger one, which wrapped up last fall, and Church says the show has been upgraded with a new light show.

The band’s third album, "Old World Romance," was released last September.

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While the sound is clearly Sea Wolf, the songs incorporate enough unique elements to keep fans hooked. Church describes the album as "a leisurely ride along the California Pacific Highway One."

He says the sound incorporates acoustic guitars, descriptive lyrics and electronica elements.

"It’s kind of pop, but I don’t want to say it’s pop because it has a bad connotation," he said. "It has a lot more depth and subtlety than a lot of the stuff on the radio."

Adding to his indie street cred, Church created most of "Old World Romance" by himself.

"It’s 90 percent me," he said, "I did a lot of the instrumentation myself and I recorded almost all of it myself."

Church’s band members and friends from around the country added a bit here and there, helping with recording, keyboards, and drums.

working on much of the album solo, Church was able to spend more time "tinkering" with every part of it.

"The luxury of time was the most appealing aspect of doing it myself," he said. "[I had] way more time to write parts and let the songs marinate and decide months down the line if I liked it."

Festival credential holders will get the chance to see Sea Wolf perform this Sunday at 4:55 p.m., and again on Monday at 3:20 p.m. at the ASCAP Music Café, 751 Main Street.