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Festival swag vs. sponsorship

ANNA BLOOMOf the Record staffRobert Redford, actor, director and founder of the Sundance Film Festival, has remained adamant: Sundance is about the filmmakers."(The festival) was never intended to be commercial. It was intended to be a place of discovery

Why wear the ‘Focus on Film’ button?

The Sundance Film Festival button campaign, started at last year’s festival, is an effort to get festival-goers to support the following:

-I want to see films that I know I’ll never get to see anywhere else.

-My idea of ‘celebrity’ is the filmmaker who directed my favorite film at the festival.

-I’m willing to wait in the cold for two hours to see a hot documentary.

-I love that for 10 days I have something in common with over 50,000 people in a small ski town.

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-I understand that without the support of the official sponsor community, I would not have the opportunity to ‘Focus on Film’ at the Sundance Film Festival.