Film for thought: Locals show short works |

Film for thought: Locals show short works

Alisha SelfOf the Record staff

With the Sundance Film Festival providing reels of inspiration, it’s no wonder many Park City locals have taken the initiative to get behind the lens.

Four years ago, independent filmmaker Jill Orschel realized that there was a conundrum: people in Park City were making strides in cinematography, but had no outlet for their projects. "There was no place to show my work," she explains.

Orschel decided to create the Park City Filmmakers Showcase to give local filmmakers an opportunity to share their work in a supportive, appreciative environment.

"It was really fun representing other people and giving them the confidence to show their work," she says.

On Thursday, Nov. 12, with sponsorship from the Park City Film Series, Orschel will present the fourth annual Park City Filmmakers Showcase at 7 p.m. at the Jim Santy Auditorium.

This year’s showcase will feature 10 films make by local filmmakers, photographers and multi-media artists. Admission is free and patrons are encouraged to come with an open mind.

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"Showing art is really personal for people," Orschel says. She wants the event to be very community-oriented where filmmakers can share a piece of their lives with others.

The showcase is not a contest and constructive audience feedback is appreciated. Judging harshly is not. "We like it to be interactive," Orschel says. The filmmakers will answer questions and request feedback from the audience following the screenings.

"It’s all in the spirit of showing up and being proud of your work," she adds. "The biggest emphasis is on locals celebrating some of the things they do visually."

Orschel has created three short films herself (in addition to countless video projects), which she has shown in years past at the Filmmakers Showcase. She showed pieces of her award-winning short film, "Sister Wife," two years ago and said the audience’s reactions helped her narrow down its focus before it made its Sundance debut.

Local filmmaker Stacy Dymalski has participated in the Filmmakers Showcase every year since its inception. This year she’ll be showing her latest project, "Chained Melody," which won an award for Best Choreography at the 48 Hour Film Project in Salt Lake City this summer.

"It’s fun to just be able to show your work to the people you live with and work with all year round, so that’s why I do it," Dymalski says.

The only requirements for submissions are that they must be short works or select scenes from a longer work. They don’t need to be finished, Orschel notes. "I love getting works in progress."

The works don’t necessarily need to be films, either. Orschel is open to multimedia projects, photo slideshows or any other format. "I totally encourage anything that’s visual and can be shown on a big screen," she says.

She says projects for the showcase come from locals who are entrenched in the film business as well as others that you would never guess had a passion for filmmaking. "They kind of come out of the woodwork," she says. "It’s awesome."

Orschel says some of the films contain adult material that may not be appropriate for young children, but would be OK for a teenage audience.

For more information on the Park City Filmmakers Showcase, contact Orschel at 640-4987 or visit .

Featured projects:

"One Revolution," the story of Chris Waddell’s recent summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Directed by Amanda Stoddard, Cinematophy by Pat Reddish and Mike Stone.

"Chained Melody (A Prison Break Musical)," an award-winning comedy. Directed by Stacy Dymalski, Written by Stacy Dymalski and Dee Macaluso, Music by George Dymalski, Cinematography by Jill Orschel and starring The Crazy Parkites.

"Expedition: Great White," scenes from a new National Geographic Series about a catch-and-release project with great white sharks. Produced by Park City-based Fischer Productions and presented by Nick Seifert.

"Design Build Bluff," about architect Hank Louis and his group of students who build sustainable housing on Navajo reservation. Presented by Hank Loius.

"Gym Diaries," a short comedy. Directed by and starring Kim Page.

"Utah Timescapes, a short by Paul Vincent.

"Kelton," a dramatic short starring local chiropractor Randall Malin.

"She Is," a short tale about finding beauty in the world. Directed by J.L. Topkis

"KHS Factory," a mountain-bike team demo reel. Directed by Casey Fassett.

"Ski Movie," directed by Alex Stoy.

"The Alice Winter," starring Park City student Ally Ioannides.