Find hidden gems at New to You in Kamas |

Find hidden gems at New to You in Kamas

Megan Yeiter, Of The Record staff

After discussing it for years, Stacy Mellen and Rebecca Felton finally decided to open a second-hand retail store on Main Street, Kamas.

New to You had more than 150 people browse through store items or donate since their opening on March 3 according to the owners. Mellen and Felton said they were surprised by the number of people that responded and have heard a few times that this is what Kamas needed.

After Mellen and Felton decided to ‘go for it,’ the process took about two months to find the location, get the required licenses and sign a lease. "This is a community effort. As long as we can pay rent and utilities, we’ll keep going," Felton said.

The shop, although tiny, seemed to be able to hold a lot of items containing everything from antique dolls and cooking pans to clothing and bedding. Mellen and Fulton said they received a large donation that morning and spent hours organizing to make a walkway.

Both Felton and Mellen have full time jobs outside of owning and managing New to You. The ladies have been able to coordinate their schedules and work around the shop hours, Friday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mellen and Felton are enthusiastic about how many people they’ve met since opening, "to be honest, I didn’t expect this," Mellen said.

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New to You has a guest book where people can sign in and also write a ‘shopping list.’ The idea behind the shopping list is to know what people need if they can’t find it at New to You, Felton explained. Mellen and Felton do a lot of second-hand and estate sale shopping on their own time. They bring the ‘shopping list’ with them to look for requested items.

New to You has no budget and requires donations for its success. Mellen and Felton price items between 50 cents and $20 to keep items moving through the store. They also have larger items such as an antique desk, bed and appliances in storage.

Rebecca Felton

270 South Main, Kamas


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