Find newspaper coupons online |

Find newspaper coupons online

Print, email or share a special on a smart phone anywhere you are

The Park Record is introducing a new feature for advertisers that makes coupons available online.

The coupons are accessible to consumers through a tile on the right side of the website. After one click, a menu opens showing all the companies with some kind of special. After clicking on the desired establishment, a digital image of a newspaper coupon appears.

This digital image can be printed, emailed or posted to any social networking site, said Park Record Sales Manager Valerie Deming-Spung.

The feature was designed to be bundled with traditional newspaper coupons, but is also available for online distribution only, she said.

Right now there are a few dozen companies offering digital coupons and each has seen several dozen "hits" since last Wednesday, Spung said.

"This is for advertisers and people in the community who like to get things on the Internet and still have the ability to get a printed coupon," she said.

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