First impressions and lasting results |

First impressions and lasting results

What would Walter Mitty have done if he’d been empowered to do anything he wished? Could he have changed careers? Would he even have been a good doctor or lawyer?

These are questions many adults ask about themselves and which therapist Nancy Pollard and career counselor Angie Maizlish believe they can help with.

Maizlish has had a long career in hiring people and helping others get jobs. She’s certified in writing resumes and preparing for critical interviews. She’s like a marketing expert for the individual.

Psychotherapist Pollard found herself referring many clients to Maizlish after they decided they wanted to go back to work, get a better job, or just switch careers.

"The economy is giving many people of a certain generation the permission to do what they always wanted," Maizlish observed.

Finally the two decided to work together. Each is their own business owner but when hired by clients, they are able to share information about the person and together help the client identify who they would like to become, and then make that a reality.

Pollard is a certified Kolbe consultant. The Kolbe method measures a person’s natural instincts and talents. Pollard can train a company to use it to evaluate job candidates and ensure they hire the right person. She can also measure existing employees and make sure they’re working at the right tasks with the right people to maximize their ability.

She has found it helpful in personal counseling as well to identify personality types and strengths and weaknesses. Many marriages struggle, she said, because the spouses don’t understand the other person’s behavior. Many individuals have low self-esteem because they focus on their weaknesses instead of maximizing their strengths.

Due to her specialties and eclectic approach to therapy and executive coaching, Pollard sees a lot of people "in transition." That’s why she joined up with Maizlish. After 15 years as a human relations specialist, Maizlish realized she had a talent for helping people "brand" themselves to potential employers.

Maizlish said she was seeing a lot of people who were looking for careers that deep down they didn’t really want. She can help someone get a job, but she can’t help them be happy at it. That’s when she’d refer people to Pollard.

"You need to know who you are and where you’re going," she explained.

Now the two believe they can together help clients with "First Impressions" the name of Maizlish’s business and "Lasting Results" from a job they enjoy and are good at.

"Empowering people is really fun work," Pollard said.

The two see a lot of women wanting to return to the workforce after years of staying home. They believe they can give a woman confidence and the tools needed to market their skills to employers.

Susie Burgess, a Park City resident, said she was in transition after moving to town a few years ago and getting help from the two was one of the smartest things she’s done.

Burgess had raised five children and helped manage several restaurants in Virginia for nearly two decades.

Maizlish and Pollard helped her identify skills she still had from being a pharmaceutical representative, working in a veterinary office and a Manhattan business. They also helped recognized skills she’d gained from helping with the restaurants and raising children.

Then they helped her find a job in the industry that had brought her to Park City: snowboarding.

"Getting that information was a confidence booster. It made me aware of what my skills are. I have been at home a lot with my children, but I still have a ton of marketable skills," she said.

She said working with Pollard and Maizlish is like a "one-two punch." Pollard gave her good direction and Maizlish was phenomenal with words.

"They made me on paper very marketable, but more important, it was the confidence I got that recharged me," she said.

"I never thought I’d find something I was passionate about," she said.

Pollard and Maizlish have many male clients, but they say their experiences as mothers themselves allows them insight into how to inspire and empower other women.

Burgess agreed.

"These two women working hard to help other women is pretty impressive," she said.

Nancy Pollard, LCSW


Angie Maizlish, First Impressions


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