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Flight grounded during legal dispute


Flight Boutique at 562 Main Street has been closed a few days this week because of a struggle over the ownership of the store.

Open since last fall, the two managers Kristen Moss and Blaire Hayes recruited the fiancé of an acquaintance to become a partner and help fund the start-up costs.

Now the four are embroiled in a disagreement over who owns the store, the earnings, the lease and the merchandise.

A judge sided with Moss and Hayes at a June 8 hearing, but more hearings are scheduled for later this month.

The original complaint from the two women’s attorney stated the financier, James Foster, funded the store from his personal account instead of securing a proper business loan. Then he became more controlling as he wanted to be repaid.

Replies from Foster’s attorney, Joe Wrona, state that the two women did not have the experience to secure the lease or funding on their own. After Foster criticized their poor accounting, the two tried to oust him from the business.

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The "he said, she said" nature of the case appears to emphasize the importance of having clearly defined roles when starting a business with a friend or acquaintance.

Rod Parker, representing Moss and Hayes, said it was a problem of someone thinking they owned a business simply because their name was on the lease. Wrona said it was a problem common in Park City of young people wanting to jump into the business community as full participants while not respecting the rights of their more financially sound partners.

Hayes said she and Moss aren’t free to discuss the case right now, but said the store will remain open. Most listings for the store’s telephone number are incorrect, she added. The correct number is 604-0806.

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