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Flood fears rise

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

City Hall officials said late in the week they expect streams to rise starting on Sunday as warming temperatures quickens the pace of melting snow.

But Pace Erickson, who directs the operations in the Public Works Department, said Park City does not appear in "imminent danger" of flooding.

"People are going to see a rise in stream flows," Erickson said.

He said the increases are expected to start on Sunday, and Poison Creek and McLeod Creek will be affected. The National Weather Service does not predict flooding in Park City, he said, but there could be overflows in some spots.

The streams will run highest May 21-23, the forecasters say, according to Erickson.

The Public Works Department has worried about flooding for weeks, as last winter’s heavy snow started to melt.

Erickson said the department has filled 2,000 sandbags and has another 13,000 unfilled bags. Workers have handed out about 400, he said, and they have placed another 100 at potential trouble spots, including along the City Park trail.

Public Works crews plan to work 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., and they may be put on duty 24 hours a day if flooding starts.

People can report flooding to the department at 615-5301 during business hours and they can call the Park City Police Department at other times. The Police Department’s number is 615-5500.