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Jane Archer, a peer tutor wrote this essay for Ms. Sutherland's seventh-grade English class at Ecker Hill International Middle School. Archer.

Have you ever been called names, made fun of, mocked, or talked about? Well I have and it does not make me feel good, in fact it really hurts my feelings. That is why I believe that you should treat others how you want to be treated. I have always believed this but I believe it now more than ever since I have started working as a peer tutor for Down Syndrome kids. I love these kids for many different reasons, but most importantly because they would never judge anybody, yet it seems they are the first to be judged. Many kids in our grade judge the Down Syndrome kids, perhaps they don’t dress the same and have the same body type, maybe they don’t talk the way we do, or have the same interests, yet these kids only look at other kids with joy and happiness. The Down Syndrome kids are so innocent, positive, and loving; they would never say anything ill or rude about another person. They exemplify what I believe in.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t perfected the art of treating others how I want to be treated, I still get jealous, mean, or gossip the way most kids my age do. Yet, when I am around the Down Syndrome kids I feel purity, a simplicity that reminds me how petty all of those other feelings are. Also, I can be boastful or brag about something and it is because I want others to notice me and think I am better. I don’t like listening to someone else brag or boast either, it is annoying and I want to just say to them you don’t have to do that to be liked. The Down Syndrome kids on the other hand will be so proud of the simplest accomplishment and they will want you to recognize them. They want recognition for very different reasons, they are not bragging or boasting to impress you, they are happy for themselves and their accomplishment, not to impress or prove anything to you.

I love being a peer tutor, the Down Syndrome kids have taught me more than any peer or adult has so far in my life. They remind me constantly that we should treat others how we want to be treated, with understanding, respect, and dignity.