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The following haiku poems were written by Julie Baker’s eighth- and ninth-grade English classes at Treasure Mountain International School.

Witches on their brooms Jack-O-Lantern on your porch Show me the candy –Angelo Bertagnole, 9th grade

My dog has secrets Secretly she is a duck I heard her quack once –Ingrid Jorgensen, 8th grade Flip-flops grip my feet Fine sand in between my toes The sun glows with heat — EJ Elliott, 8th grade Lights, camera, action! The director calls the shots My everyday life –Arielle Horowitz, 8th grade Reaching to the sky Branches reaching to the side Great towering trees –Josh Matt, 8th grade I’m sitting in class I’m very tired and bored Time for some yoga –Connor Ray, 8th grade Trees bend in the wind Flowing with a gentle grace Nature’s lullaby –Anika Gillwald, 9th grade Splashing down the creek Pulled by gravity on rocks Water is flowing — Andrew Method, 9th grade Intense, fun and sweat Tiring and exciting Is my soccer game –Diego Moscoso, 9th grade The fish dash and hide Colors swim through the water Living in the coral — Alex Pack, 9th grade Dogs barking loudly Waking up the neighborhood Playing and running –Keegan Swenson, 9th grade

Cool teachers say Always focus on your work So get it done now –Jonathan Schettler, 9th grade The ball at my feet Running so fast I could fly I shoot and I score –Hailey Rockwood, 9th grade Light sets over hilltops The flash it sends is music Darkness comes alive –Camille Evans, 9th grade Tourists everywhere Cold, sled, snow, jackets, skiing Winter in my city –Emily Corrington, 9th grade

Like a life begins

A bright morning sun rises slowly

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Morning has broken

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