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Kyle Cowdrey, fifth grade

"Last time I did that I got hurt." I was at my friend Nick’s house before going to The Colby School for the chess tournament. We were having a blast on Nick’s trampoline that had a green outside pad to protect the springs. After that we went inside where we saw all the equipment, the white wool carpet was ripped; you could see the gray cement and there was tape all over. We didn’t know what to do so Nick’s brother, Boris, suggested we watch cartoons for a while. We watched an episode of Sponge Bob.

"Let’s play beanbag luge," Nick suggested when the cartoons got old.

"What’s that?" I asked.

"It’s when you get on a beanbag and try to stay on while you go down the stairs."

"No!!! Last time I did that I got hurt," Boris complained.

"Who cares?" Nick said.

"Okay it’s your funeral," Boris answered back.

When we got to the top of the stairs, I was kind of nervous. We jumped onto our beanbags and rolled down the stairs. It was fun! We repeated this a couple of times.

"One last time," we all said together. We were rolling down the stairs, but as I tripped on something and slipped, I was sent down the stairs in a series of back flips all the way to the bottom. In the midst of this, I put my left arm out to stop myself.

"Snap." At the bottom, I felt fine. But when I tried to get up, it felt like someone had detonated a lit stick of dynamite in my arm and, "Boom."

When I got to The Colby School for the chess tournament, my arm still hurt. Nick’s mom called my dad to take me to the clinic. He brushed off my concerns like dog hair on black pants. I told him about the pain and although he did not believe me, he still took me to the clinic.

They took x-rays of my arm, it felt kind of weird. They had me wear a heavy black vest on my body that was made of lead. When we were waiting in the doctor’s office, the anticipation was building up inside of me. The doctor arrived with the x-ray and stuck it onto light board. My jaw dropped because I could see the crack in the bone. It was strange seeing my bone on a picture like that. They had to put a cast on me.

Now my dad believed me. I had to wear that stinking cast for six whole weeks. Yuk! Luckily it was on my left arm.

I walked into the classroom the next morning and everyone just stared. Nick was the first one to speak.

"I knew it!" I did too. I had many adventures with my cast, like having to tape it with a plastic bag just to take a shower. And to think that exact day my friends and I had been talking about how cool it would be to break a limb. Well, we were wrong!

11 Seconds

by Bryan Hindin, fourth grade

I could hear the roar. I felt the intense pressure as I looked at my team from left to right. At that single moment in time I knew that I could carry my team to the win.

It was 4th and goal with 11 seconds on the play clock in the 4th quarter.

"Blue 42, Blue 42, Set, Hut, Hut, Hike," I said as I snapped the ball.

"It’s all up to me now." I said to myself.

"He’s going to throw it, except all his receivers are covered like a tree in a blizzard," John Madden said from up in the broadcaster’s booth.

"He’s going keep it," Al Michaels chimed in.

"Come on, can’t there be one receiver open?" I thought to myself urging to win. "There he goes. He’s going for the score." Al Michaels said.

"Still not one receiver open," John Madden said as the blocks became stronger.

"Here I go." I thought to myself as I urged to the end zone. I was hit! Going down faster and faster.

"He’s hit and going down." John Madden called from the booth. "It’s not looking too good," Al Michaels said.

The crowd was silent.

"I have to keep pushing; I have only one shot at this." The clock was ticking 0:03 0:02 0:01.

"Spp-Spp, that’s disgusting. Huh, a white line. I made it this far, now all I can do is wait."

"TOUCHDOWN!!!" There were yellows, blues, greens, browns, oranges flashing as if the world had been saved. The crowd was screaming, throwing napkins and other pieces of dirty rotten trash, balloons and fireworks gleaming in the sky. Once I got up I was taken right back down by my teammates screaming, "You did it!"

A bucket of Gatorade was poured on coach that evening. That’s how we won the Super Bowl.

At the Crack of Dawn

Bryce Baker, fourth grade

It was a very dangerous four hours. I was eight years old at the time; my mom woke me up at the crack of dawn. We ate breakfast to prepare for our adventure. The monkeys were uninvited guests at our meal. Those monkeys are tricksters. My little sister looked away for a split second and her food got stolen. Then they got hold of the sugar packets. They looked like crazy kids on Halloween! The monkeys were just annoying, the danger still lay ahead. We were now ready for our adventure. My sister was startled, but I was excited.

It was my first safari! The first thing we did was hop into the topless Jeep. As we rode off into the wilderness we saw wild animal footprints. We followed them very, very carefully. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The leopard’s spots were as black as the night sky.

We saw hyenas, elephants, hippos, and giraffes. We had a very bad experience with a lion, in fact, I was petrified.

First, we saw the female, so we followed her as she marked her territory to tell us to go away, but we didn’t listen. When she stopped, I dropped my jaw so it touched my chest and widened my eyes. I saw a male lion with a massive mane who was fighting with the female. When they spotted us, they stopped and the male stood up on his hind legs with his arms raised in warning. He looked like he would attack. My sister grabbed my arm and squeezed with the force of a cobra. I could feel my heart beating bom-bom, bom-bom. Our driver put the pedal to the metal; we just nearly got away. I probably would’ve fainted if we didn’t have a loaded rifle in the front seat.

Once our close call was over, we headed back to camp. I felt like I had been up days on end. Africa gave me a whole new meaning to wildlife.


Andrew McIntosh, fourth grade

It was about noon a windy day. My dad and I fought over a purple and yellow seat cushion as we approached the middle of the lake. A gust of wind hit the sail and before I knew it, I was tumbling backwards into the water. The boat had flipped. The mast landed right beside me, creating a triangle between me, the mast, and a part of the boat called the front stay.

Whilst the mast was still at the surface, I tried to swim under the front stay But I had a life jacket on so I got caught. Finally, I managed to free myself and swim under it.

Slowly, the mast began sinking; soon it was pointed at the bottom of the Jordanelle. Some boats drove over to help upright our sailboat. People let me get onto their boat, while my parents and some other people up-righted the sailboat. When it was ready, we sailed back to shore.

Just One Party

Amanda Nelson, fourth grade

It was hard for me to concentrate that day. I was so excited I nearly screamed. My teacher was talking about a math quiz this Friday but my mind was on the party. I didn’t really care about math at that moment. All I cared about was my party.

Walking out into the hallway for next class I said in my head, "I can’t wait for the party I’m going to have tonight."

"Hey Amanda, is it OK if I bring some of my friends to your party?" my friend yelled from across the hallway.

"Sure," I hollered! "I’m going to bring some friends of mine."

When I got home it was about 3:30 which meant only an hour and a half ’til the party started. I had to set up the food, the games, and all of the other party things. I had to move the table from the storage room in the hallway into the living room. I had to get the cake in the freezer. I grabbed the soda out of the fridge.

"I forgot the balloons!" I grabbed my purse and jumped on my bike and headed for the Party Mania two blocks away on Center Street. My wallet wasn’t in my purse so I had to ride back home for it. It’s getting late and I still don’t have the balloons. Remembering my mom had some old Halloween balloons in the closet, I decided to settle for them. Unfortunately, when I blew them up, they burst. I looked around for anything I could use as a balloon, but finally I just gave up.

It seemed like forever until the party would start so I tried reading for a while but every book I read was all about earth or animals, which was boring, so I tried watching TV. That didn’t work either, so I waited and waited and waited.

I heard a noise like feet trampling against the floor. I thought it might be Boo Boo, so I crept down the creaky steps toward the basement to check it out.

"Surprise!" I saw Betsy, Callie, Mom and Dad. There was David too; what a relief it was that it wasn’t Jared. Most of my friends were there. They had pulled one over on me it made me feel special.

One Puppy

Haley Adelman, fourth grade

It was 8 o’clock. I heard the garage door open. I knew it was my dad. He had just come back from seeing the puppies. That day my mom had taken us to see these lab puppies at the breeder’s. That afternoon, my mom had called my dad to tell him to go by and take a look at them. So he did and now he was home.

He was coming up the stairs carrying the cutest lab I ever saw! All the puppies were cute even though one of them had crooked teeth and the others were black and brown. Since we wanted a white lab, that left only two to choose from. Dad got the one with beautiful teeth and brought him home.

The puppy was a white lab with brown pigments on the tips of his ears. Parts of the rest of his body were brown too. We had had another dog, named Baxter, who we had had to be put to sleep so we named our puppy Bodie, which was close.

Bodie spent the first night with my parents on the floor by the front of their bed. We made sure he wouldn’t roam loose by making his bed inside a small kennel. We put a couple of small blankets in to soften it for him. Mom didn’t want him to sleep in my room since he might disturb my sister’s and my sleep with his noises. She had to wake up at least three times that night to let him out.

Bodie was only seven weeks when he got to go outside for the first time in the daylight. When he ran he looked like he was hopping! When he was out one day he met our nextdoor neighbor’s dog, Munchy, who looks like he ran into a wall! Bodie and Munchy love to play together. Bodie was a little feisty, in a soft way, and when he jumped up, Munchy would bring him down.

When summer came Bodie got a little bigger. The bigger he got the more fun we had with him! I had the best time! When Bodie got taller he learned his name a little better. When he got his name down, we let him meet a big dog named Jack who lived around the corner. Jack was very rambunctious and liked to play with dogs as tall as he was, but he was hard on smaller dogs like Bodie. One time, he nipped Bodie on the cheek so much that it left a scar. He still has it today!

Darkness Falls

By Koji Sasaki, fifth grade

The darkness got closer by the second. I was scared as a cat. The dog toy squeaked when I stepped on it. I was scared for a second; I had goose bumps down my back. I was getting hot, feeling like I was being microwaved inside my body. No, I was getting hot and cold at the same time.

Then a red-eyed dog came closer and closer; it was going to rain. I thought, "Is this real or a dream?" It wasn’t a dog at all; it was a shadow with sharp teeth, glowing red eyes, and sharp talons. It looked like it was going to eat me because it was raising its arms and opening its jaws over me. It got bigger and bigger as it got closer.

Just before it hit me, I woke up sweating like a dog. It was just a bad dream!

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