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Mackenzie Call, 13, is in 8th grade at Treasure Mountain International Middle School.

Above All That I speak but, what if my voice is too low? I breathe, but is it too loud? I eat, but too much? I’m smart, but is that not the "cool" thing? I shop, but at the right stores? I’m nice, but should I be to those girls? I study, but maybe I should be throwing a party. I work, but they say Daddy should pay. I play sports, but what if I break a nail? I curl my hair, is it too frizzy? I paint my nails, is it too childish? I go to bed early, but should I be sneaking out with them? I go to the dance, is my dress short enough? I blow off some old friends, but what if I needed them? I laugh, but how do I know they’re not just laughing at me?