Fresh Prints Edited by Jared Whitley |

Fresh Prints Edited by Jared Whitley

The following is a poem about football player Terrell Owens’ recent controversy by Treasure Mountain student Christopher Croce, an eighth-grader in Iris Durfee’s English class. Terrell Owens So here we are End of ’03 The Pats win this year Tom Brady shows glee The Ravens from Baltimore A team that is low Try to do a smart move And pick up T.O. The signing is done The Ravens all happy But there is one problem T.O. is all sappy Complaining that he wanted To be with McNabb The Eagles was the team Where Owens would be glad The Ravens lose T.O Thinking, "How could this be?" This is what happens When you deal with a crybaby The Eagles are glad To have another star They are hoping that Owens Will take them afar ’04 now starts The Eagles start smooth They get to 5-0 They seem to be on a groove They then lose a game To the might Big Ben This is probably one team T.O. doesn’t want to face again The season goes on Then Owens gets hurt He says he HAS to play For his team to not hit the dirt But the Eagles manage to get To the Super Bowl game Even without T.O. They win just the same Super Bowl Day comes For the Eagles and Pats Owens returns for the game Fans tip off their hats But the Pats are too good For the NFC Champs The Pats win again Back to Training Camp Many people now think That Owens is a star For coming back to aid his team Instead of relaxing afar But T.O.’s popularity Began to decline When he insulted McNabb Saying near the end he was less then fine He never kept quiet As he went to Training Camp So they kicked T.O. out They kicked out "The Champ" The season now begins T.O. starts back up Like nothing ever happened The Eagles hope he’ll shut up The first game they lost To the Falcons and Vick They lost by one point Plus a field goal kick They then go to San Fran A team they should beat T.O. is not affected Not even by the heat The Eagles beat the Raiders In a game that was very close They won by 3 points While their kicker got a pain dose The Eagles then win Their next 2 out of 4 And then T.O. speaks up His emotions start to pour. He disrespects his team And even McNabb One of the greatest QB’s NFL has ever had He was first suspended Before the Sunday Night Game And then released on Monday His face showing shame The Eagles now realize That T.O. is too much trouble And now with T.O. out There’s no ugly couple Owens is out The Eagles now beam This now shows you all That T.O. kills a team

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